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RadioIsotope and Stable Isotope Labeling Service and Product

Isotopes are variants of a particular chemical element which differ in neutron number, although all isotopes of a given element have the same number of protons in each atom. Isotope Variation Analysis (detection of adulteration in food products or the geographic origins of products using isoscapes) and Isotopic substitution (to determine the mechanism of a chemical reaction via the kinetic isotope effect) are the most frequently used application for isotopes.

Another common application for isotope is isotopic labeling, the use of unusual isotopes as tracers or markers in chemical reactions. Normally, atoms of a given element are indistinguishable from each other. However, by using isotopes of different masses, even different nonradioactive stable isotopes can be distinguished by mass spectrometry or infrared spectroscopy. For example, in 'stable isotope labeling with amino acids in cell culture (SILAC)' stable isotopes are used to quantify proteins. If radioactive isotopes are used, they can be detected by the radiation they emit (this is called radioisotopic labeling).

BOC Sciences provides wide range of services such as custom radioisotope and stable isotope labeling to support your regulatory, development or research programs. As one of the world’s leading radiolabeling groups we have a reputation for excellence in synthetic chemistry enabling us to carry out the most challenging synthetic projects.

Stable Isotope Labeling Product & Service

    --BOC Sciences offers high quality Custom stable isotope labeling product & service.

RadioIsotope and Stable Isotope Service and Product - - BOC Sciences

RadioIsotope Labeling Product & Service
BOC Sciences has extensive radiochemistry experience, and the team collaborates closely with clients—pairing BOC Sciences research scientists directly with clients’ scientists—to design and prepare radiochemicals in fully customized ways that meet exact reference standards. Once an isotope is developed, it can be tracked through a reaction, metabolic pathway, or cell to determine the sequence an isotopic atom followed in the body and how much is excreted over a specific period of time.

BOC Sciences can provide you custom radiosynthesis of your peptides, proteins and small molecules. We will confidentially advise you on the appropriate labeling technique for your compound. High specific activity and retention of the molecular structure is essential for the success of radiometric assays such as:

  • Receptor Ligand Binding
  • in vitro Autoradiography
  • ex vivo Autoradiography
  • in vivo receptor occupancy

At BOC Sciences we strive to provide the best service through

  • Regular communication and customer focus
  • The quality of our products
  • Best in class data package
  • Flexibility to match your study requirements
  • Comprehensive service including storage, re-purification and dispatch
  • Excellent synthetic chemists
  • Outstanding analytical capabilities
  • Metabolite characterization and identification

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