Isothipendyl - CAS 482-15-5
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Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
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Isothipendyl is a first generation H1 antagonist and anticholinergic for the topical treatment of itching associated with allergic reactions.
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Solid powder
Soluble in DMSO
Store at -20 °C
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Enterprise standard
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As supplied, 2 years from the QC date provided on the Certificate of Analysis, when stored properly.
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1.Identification of phenothiazine antihistamines and their metabolites in urine.
Maurer H1, Pfleger K. Arch Toxicol. 1988;62(2-3):185-91.
Identification of the phenothiazine antihistamines alimemazine, dimetotiazine, isothipendyl, mequitazine, oxomemazine, promethazine, thiethylperazine, triflupromazine and their metabolites in urine is described. After acid hydrolysis of the conjugates, extraction and acetylation the urine samples were analysed by computerized gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Using ion chromatography with the selective ions m/z 58, 72, 100, 114, 124, 128, 141, and 199 the possible presence of phenothiazine antihistamines and/or their metabolites was indicated. The identity of positive signals in the reconstructed ion chromatograms was confirmed by a visual or computerized comparison of the stored full mass spectra with the reference spectra. The ion chromatograms, reference mass spectra and gas chromatographic retention indices (OV-101) are documented. The procedure presented is integrated in a general screening procedure (general unknown analysis) for several groups of drugs.
2.Spectrophotometric studies on the investigation of chromium in environmental samples.
Melwanki MB1, Seetharamappa J. Indian J Environ Health. 2003 Jan;45(1):25-8.
Isothipendyl hydrochloride is proposed as a sensitive and selective reagent for the rapid spectrophotometric determination of chromium(VI). The reagent instantaneously gives a red coloured species on reaction with chromium(VI) in phosphoric acid medium which exhibits maximum absorbance at 510 nm with Sandell's sensitivity of 2.28 ng cm(-2). Beer's law is valid over the concentraction range of 0.1-1.9 mg/l with an optimum concentration range of 0.2-1.7 mg/l. The method has been successfully applied to the analysis of chromium in environmental samples.
3.Contact photoallergy to isothipendyl chlorhydrate.
Bibas N1, Sartor V, Bulai Livideanu C, Bagheri H, Nougué J, Giordano-Labadie F, Maza A, Paul C, Chouini-Lalanne N, Marguery MC. Dermatology. 2012;224(4):289-91. doi: 10.1159/000338024. Epub 2012 Jun 1.
Isothipendyl chlorhydrate is an azaphenothiazine, an active ingredient of an antipruriginous gel, Apaisyl gel® (Merck Médication Familiale, Dijon, France). Although Apaisyl gel is registered and used worldwide, we present the first case of contact photoallergy to isothipendyl chlorhydrate to our knowledge. The diagnosis suspected on the basis of a positive UVA photopatch test to chlorpromazine was confirmed by a strongly positive UVA Apaisyl gel photopatch test and our photophysical studies. This case confirms the need to keep the phenothiazines in the photopatch test standard series as a diagnostic marker of phenothiazine photoallergy.
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CAS 482-15-5 Isothipendyl

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