Integrated Services on Drug Discovery

BOC Sciences’ capabilities in drug discovery include: computational efforts on Modeling and Design ,Medicinal Chemistry efforts on library synthesis and SAR studies, Biological Sciences, Pharmaceutical Development, Protein Crystallography, etc.  In addition, through our intensive drug discovery knowledge and expertise in project management, we form our own integrated drug discovery platform. We have out-of-state in silico docking to predict the drug-protein binding pocket for our clients, to assist in design and selecting bioactive small molecules. Our medicinal chemistry experts can solve challenging synthetic organic chemistry problems to support the project in a timely manner.  Our crystallography team supports on protein structure characterizations. Our in-house biological partners, specialized on assay development, have strong capabilities in target validation and compound screening process.

We always put our clients in the first place. Through in-depth of understanding your project needs, we have a team of multi-disciplinary scientists ready to provide cost-effective solutions to accelerate your R & D process. Our client-focused collaborative team works with clients to find and follow the optimum path to market. At BOC Sciences, we have a mission to contribute on improving the patients’ lives in a meaningful way.

At BOC Sciences, our expertise in multi-disciplinary sciences offers integration drug discovery services to our clients in pharmaceutical industries, small business and research institutes across the world. We are here to help you discovering and characterizing novel drug candidates for preclinical development, from hit ID to IND. Our experienced expertise in total synthesis and methodology development delivers data-driven research in innovative and reliable science you can trust to progress your drug discovery programs.

Medicinal Chemistry

  • Expertise in total synthesis and methodology development
  • In-depth analysis of patents and research publications
  • Design of multiple novel templates
  • Design and synthesis of bioactive small molecules
  • SAR and lead compound optimization
  • Scale up key intermediates and potential drug candidates

Virtual screening

  • Structure-based and ligand-based virtual screening
  • Use of docking studies to aid prioritization novel templates


  • Develop & validate primary assay, cascade assay and cell proliferation assays
  • Cellular and in vivo biomarker assay development and screening

Area of disease focused

  • Oncology
  • Diabetics
  • Inflammatory disease
  • Neuroscience and cognitive diseases

Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics

  • DMPK
  • In Vitro ADME
  • In Vivo Pharmacokinetics

Process Development Services

Formulation Services