Hennadiol - CAS 20065-99-0
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Hennadiol is a natural triterpenoid found in the herbs of Mallotus apelta.
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1.Anti-inflammatory constituents of Mortonia greggii Gray.
Ramirez Apan AA;Pérez-Castorena AL;de Vivar AR Z Naturforsch C. 2004 Mar-Apr;59(3-4):237-43.
A new phytochemical study of Mortonia greggii (Celastraceae) afforded four friedelan derivatives (1-4), three lupanes (5-7), retusine (8), two esterified polyhydroxyagarofurans (9-10), mortonin C (11) and photomortonin C (12). The anti-inflammatory activity on carrageenan and 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate induced models of inflammation, as well as the ability to inhibit the nitric oxide (NO) produced by lipopolysaccharide-stimulated mouse peritoneal macrophages were evaluated for the main metabolites. Our results showed that the friedelan dehydrocanophyllic acid methyl ester (1) exhibits an anti-inflammatory effect which could be related to an inhibition of prostaglandin and NO production. The activity of lupeol (5), 29-hydroxylupeol (6) and 29-hydroxylupenone (7) might be involved with the prostanoid synthesis. The presence of the hydroxy groups in 6 appears to be important for activity. The edema inhibition capacity of retusine (8) could be related to a reduction of the prostaglandin production. The agarofuran derivative 10 is an NO inhibitor whose activity is probably not involved in the synthesis of prostaglandins.
2.Anti-HIV-1 constituents from leaves and twigs of Cratoxylum arborescens.
Reutrakul V;Chanakul W;Pohmakotr M;Jaipetch T;Yoosook C;Kasisit J;Napaswat C;Santisuk T;Prabpai S;Kongsaeree P;Tuchinda P Planta Med. 2006 Dec;72(15):1433-5. Epub 2006 Nov 7.
Two new xanthones, 1,3,8-trihydroxy-2,4-dimethoxyxanthone (1) and 1,7-dihydroxy-2,8-dimethoxyxanthone (2), along with twelve known compounds 3 - 14 were isolated from leaves and twigs of Cratoxylum arborescens. Compound 1, euxanthone (4), betulinic acid (8), lup-20(29)-ene-3beta,30-diol (9), 3beta-hydroxylup-20(29)-en-30-oic acid (10) and 3,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid (11) displayed anti-HIV-1 activities in the syncytium assay using (Delta)(Tat/Rev)MC99 virus and the 1A2 cell line system (EC (50) values between 3.9 and 32.2 microg/mL with TI ranging from 1.5 to 11.7), while 1,3,7-trihydroxy-6-methoxy-4,5-diisoprenylxanthone (3), 4, and 8 - 10 inhibited HIV-1 reverse transcriptase with IC (50) values between 8.7 and 84.9 microg/mL.
3.Pentacyclic triterpenoids from Mallotus apelta.
Van Kiem P;Van Minh C;Huong HT;Nam NH;Lee JJ;Kim YH Arch Pharm Res. 2004 Nov;27(11):1109-13.
A new triterpene (1) and six known pentacyclic terpenoids (2-7) were isolated from the methanol extract of the dried leaves from Mallotus apelta. Based on the spectral and chemical evidence, their structures were determined to be 3alpha-hydroxyhop-22(29)-ene (1), hennadiol (2), friedelin (3), friedelanol (4), epifriedelanol (5), taraxerone (6), and epitaraxerol (7).
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CAS 20065-99-0 Hennadiol

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