GMP Services

BOC Sciences provides a wide range of services to support the pharmaceutical industry through all stages of drug discovery including Custom Synthesis of those chemicals that are not in stock, Fluorescent Labeling of proteins, Chiral Synthesis Resolution, Bioconjugation, Carbohydrate services, Analytical services, Crystallization services, DNA-Encoded Library Techology (ELT), etc. Our capacity to provide pharmaceutical discovery services across the entire spectrum of the drug discovery process has assisted many of our esteemed clients in reaching their R&D goals. We are actively improving our capabilities and capacity through new expansions of BOC Sciences' global business.


BOC Sciences specializes in the development and GMP manufacture of pharmaceutical grade products. We have close working relationships with our clients through all stages of product development. Whether it is a small molecule synthesis, or a full-scale commercial launch, outsourcing with BOC Sciences for your products or active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) will enable you to grow your business without having to add staff, equipment and costly manufacturing infrastructure.

Our Services

For GMP products, we guarantee >98% purity. We provide standard QC tests before releasing GMP products as listed. In addition, extra tests can be provided according to the requests of clients. Our GMP manufacturing capabilities are designed to meet actual and future customer needs in respect of all stages of drug discovery.

BOC Sciences’ GMP production sites were designed in strict accordance to US-FDA guidelines for GMP Manufacturing. It has passed US-FDA inspections. Currently we are manufacturing numbers of generic APIs which are manufactured in compliance with ICH guidelines including Q7 and other related and applicable sections. Contacting BOC Sciences as your contract research organization and contract manufacturing organization, you will get more choices, more responsiveness, and more expertise to realize your exciting drug discovery and development. Our team has the experience as well as expertise, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve as your manufactory to reach the ultimate goal: commercialization.


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