Glyciphosphoramide - CAS 7568-40-3
Catalog number: 7568-40-3
Category: Inhibitor
Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
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BRN 2012594; M 25; LS-72312; Z-6202; M 256202; M-25,6202.
1.[Determination of glyciphosphoramide and its metabolite in plasma and the pharmacokinetics in rats after oral administration].
Wang WJ1, Bai JY, Zhu XY. Yao Xue Xue Bao. 1993;28(10):738-43.
Glyciphosphoramide (GPA) is one of the anticancer agents belonging to the group of phosphoramide mustard. It has apparent antitumor effects in some animal models and in clinical trials against breast cancer, lymphosarcoma, uterocervical cancer and cancerous ulcer with good results. In this paper, the determination procedure of GPA and its metabolite using nitrobenzylpyridine (NBP) method is reported. The absorbance of the coloured products from the reaction of hydrolyzed or metabolized GPA with NBP was measured at 570 nm and 564 nm, respectively. The linearity of the reaction for GPA and its metabolite was established over the range of 6.25-100 micrograms/ml water or plasma. The plasma of rats and mice was found to be able to metabolize GPA to form alkylating agent (s) which react with NBP, but that of rabbits cannot. The plasma concentration-time curve of metabolite obtained after oral administration of GPA (100 mg/kg) in rats was shown to fit a two compartment open model with the following parameters: T1/2 beta = 44.
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CAS 7568-40-3 Glyciphosphoramide

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