Gemcitabine Triphosphate (triethylammonium salt form) - CAS 1035495-84-1
Catalog number: B1002-007250
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
503.141 (free acid)
An impurity of Gemcitabine. Gemcitabine is an antineoplastic chemotherapy medication of the antimetabolites class. It halts cell division through damaging RNA or DNA which control the process. It can be used to treat multiple cancers.
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Related CAS:
110988-86-8 (free acid)
2’-Deoxy-2’,2’-difluorocytidine 5’-(Tetrahydrogen Triphosphate) triethylammonium
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Chemical Structure

CAS 1035495-84-1 Gemcitabine Triphosphate (triethylammonium salt form)

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