Gelomulide B - CAS 122537-60-4
Catalog number: 122537-60-4
Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
Chemical Family:
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(3S,4aS,6aS,7aR,10aS,11aS,11bR,11cR)-4,4,8,11c-tetramethyl-9-oxo-1,2,3,4,4a,5,6,7a,9,11a,11b,11c-dodecahydrobis(oxireno)[2',3':1,10a;2'',3'':3,4]phenanthro[3,2-b]furan-3-yl acetate
Quality Standard:
Enterprise Standard
1.3±0.1 g/cm3
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CAS 76475-16-6 Galeopsin

(CAS: 76475-16-6)

Galeopsin is extracted from the aerial parts of Leonurus heterophyllus SW. It could inhibit pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-α. It has potential anti-proliferative...

(CAS: 94529-97-2)

20-Deoxocarnosol is a natural diterpenoid compound found in the<br/>herbs of Salvia yunnanensis . Due to high cytotoxicity, 20-Deoxocarnosol exhibits non-specif...

(CAS: 469-86-3)

CAS 3484-61-5 12-Hydroxyabietic acid

12-Hydroxyabietic acid
(CAS: 3484-61-5)

12-Hydroxyabietic acid is extracted from the barks of Pinus yunnanensis.

CAS 119188-37-3 Coronarin D

Coronarin D
(CAS: 119188-37-3)

Coronarin D, a natural labdane-type diterpene found in the rhizomes of Hedychium coronarium,inhibits NF-kappaB activation pathway, which leads to inhibition of ...

CAS 120462-46-6 Lophanthoidin F

Lophanthoidin F
(CAS: 120462-46-6)

Lophanthoidin F is a natural diterpenoid found in the herbs of Rabdosia lophanthoides

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Forskolin G
(CAS: 473981-11-2)

Forskolin G is a natural diterpenoid found in the herbs of Coleus forskohlii.

CAS 120462-42-2 Lophanthoidin B

Lophanthoidin B
(CAS: 120462-42-2)

Lophanthoidin B, also called (6β,7α)-6,12-Dihydroxy-11,14-dioxoabieta-8,12-diene-7,16-diyl dia cetate is a natural diterpenoid found in the herbs of Rabdosia lo...

CAS 1616757-59-5 Caesalpine A

Caesalpine A
(CAS: 1616757-59-5)

Caesalpine A is extracted from the seeds of Caesalpinia minax.

CAS 82508-37-0 Deacetylpseudolaric acid A

Deacetylpseudolaric acid A
(CAS: 82508-37-0)

Deacetylpseudolaric acid A isolated from the root bark of Pseudolarix amabilis.

CAS 53452-32-7 16-Kaurene-2,6,15-triol

(CAS: 53452-32-7)

16-Kaurene-2,6,15-triol is a natural diterpenoid found in the herbs of Rabdosia amethystoides.

CAS 239800-99-8 13-Deacetyltaxachitriene A

13-Deacetyltaxachitriene A
(CAS: 239800-99-8)

13-Deacetyltaxachitriene A is extracted from the branches of Taxus sumatrana.

Pterisolic acid D
(CAS: 1401419-88-2)

Pterisolic acid D is a natural diterpenoid found in the herbs of Pteris semipinnata.

CAS 42553-65-1 CroCin

(CAS: 42553-65-1)

Crocin has multitudinous activities such as anti-inflammation, anti-allergy, anti-oxidation and relaxing smooth muscles.

CAS 117469-56-4 Prionitin

(CAS: 117469-56-4)

Prionitin is a natural diterpenoid found in the herbs of Salvia prionitis Hance.

CAS 138965-88-5 Isocoronarin D

Isocoronarin D
(CAS: 138965-88-5)

Isocoronarin D is a natural diterpenoid found in the rhizomes of Hedychium coronarium, it shows the highest Hb F induction effect of 1.6-fold at 20 microM.

CAS 25514-31-2 Bruceine A

Bruceine A
(CAS: 25514-31-2)

Bruceantin A acts as an anti-babesial quassinoid, extracted from the fruits of Brucea javanica, also an effective anti-trypanosomal agent in vitro. Cytotoxic ag...

CAS 79439-84-2 Yadanzioside P

Yadanzioside P
(CAS: 79439-84-2)

Yadanzioside P is extracted from the seeds of Brucea javanica. It shows antitumor and antileukemic activities.

CAS 67650-47-9 Methyl clerodermate

Methyl clerodermate
(CAS: 67650-47-9)

Methyl clerodermate is a natural diterpenoid isolated the herbs of Clerodendrum inerme.

CAS 76497-89-7 8-Acetoxy-15,16-epoxy-8,9-secolabda-13(16),14-diene-7,9-dione

(CAS: 76497-89-7)

8-Acetoxy-15,16-epoxy-8,9-secolabda-13(16),14-diene-7,9-dione is extracted from the aerial parts of Leonurus japonicus.

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