Ganoderic acid F - CAS 98665-14-6
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Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
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CAS 873001-54-8 3,29-Dibenzoyl rarounitriol

3,29-Dibenzoyl rarounitriol
(CAS: 873001-54-8)

Source from fruits of Trichosanthes kirilowii Maxim

CAS 232266-08-9 23-Hydroxymangiferonic acid

23-Hydroxymangiferonic acid
(CAS: 232266-08-9)

23-Hydroxymangiferonic acid is a natural triterpenoid found in the herbs of Mangifera indica.

CAS 83459-42-1 Ginsenoside Ra2

Ginsenoside Ra2
(CAS: 83459-42-1)

Ginsenoside Ra2 is a known ginsenoside isolated from the root of Panax ginseng. Previous phytochemical studies on P. ginseng led to the isolation of ginsenoside...

CAS 68027-14-5 3-O-D-glucopyranosyl( 1→4)- [ L-rhamnopyranosyl(1→2)]-L-arabinopyranosyl 23-hydroxyl lup-20(29)-en-28-oic acid – 28-O-rhamnopyranosyl(1→4)glucopyranosyl(1→6)glucopyranoside

3-O-D-glucopyranosyl( 1→4)- [ L-rhamnopy
(CAS: 68027-14-5)

3-O-D-glucopyranosyl( 1→4)- [ L-rhamnopyranosyl(1→2)]-L-arabinopyranosyl 23-hydroxyl lup-20(29)-en-28-oic acid – 28-O-rhamnopyranosyl(1→4)glucopyranosyl(1→6)glu...

CAS 35959-05-8 3-Hydroxy-11-ursen-28,13-olide

(CAS: 35959-05-8)

3-Hydroxy-11-ursen-28,13-olide can be extracted from the leaves of Eucalyptus viminalis. It shows antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

β-Peltoboykinolic acid
(CAS: 24778-48-1)

β-Peltoboykinolic acid is a natural triterpenoid compound found in some plant.

CAS 80952-72-3 20(R)Ginsenoside Rg2

20(R)Ginsenoside Rg2
(CAS: 80952-72-3)

Ginsenoside Rg2 is extracted from the roots of Panax ginseng C. A. Mey.

CAS 3604-92-0 Diepiserratenediol

(CAS: 3604-92-0)

Diepiserratenediol is a natural compound isolated from the whole plants of Lycopodium japonicum Thunb.

CAS 472-15-1 Betulinic acid

Betulinic acid
(CAS: 472-15-1)

Betulinic acid, which usually comes from the herbs of Ziziphus jujuba, can inhibit the HBsAg expression and replication of the liver HBV DNA in the mouse model....

CAS 6989-24-8 Bayogenin

(CAS: 6989-24-8)

Source from tubers of Bolbostemma paniculatum.gly-cogen phosphorylase inhibitors with moderate potency.

CAS 1260173-73-6 3-Oxo-21α-methoxy-24,25,26,27-tetranortirucall-7-ene-23(21)-lactone

(CAS: 1260173-73-6)

3-Oxo-21alpha-methoxy-24,25,26,27-tetranortirucall-7-ene-23(21)-lactone is a natural compound isolated from the stem barks of Aphanamixis grandifolia.

CAS 263844-80-0 Lup-20(29)-en-28-oicacid, 3-(acetyloxy)-27-hydroxy-, methyl ester, (3a)- (9CI)

Lup-20(29)-en-28-oicacid, 3-(acetyloxy)-
(CAS: 263844-80-0)

3-Acetoxy-27-hydroxy-20(29)-lupen-28-oic acid methyl ester can be found in the herbs of Peganum harmala.

CAS 471-69-2 Dipterocarpol

(CAS: 471-69-2)

Dipterocarpol is a dammarane-type triterpenoid, as are the major bioactive compounds of ginseng which is from the herbs of Aglaia odorata

CAS 88901-36-4 Mogroside V

Mogroside V
(CAS: 88901-36-4)

Mogroside V is extracted from the fruit of Siraitia grosvenorii Swingle. It is 300 times sweeter than cane sugar and low in calories. It had a significant effec...

CAS 19132-81-1 Ursolic aldehyde

Ursolic aldehyde
(CAS: 19132-81-1)

Ursolic aldehyde is a natural compound isolated from the fruits of Cornus kousa.

CAS 5945-86-8 Nimbin

(CAS: 5945-86-8)

Nimbin is a natural triterpenoid found in the barks of Azadirachta indica. Nimbin exhibits the activities of anti-secretory and antibiotic. To the three species...

CAS 104055-76-7 Quinovic acid 3-O-rhamnoside

Quinovic acid 3-O-rhamnoside
(CAS: 104055-76-7)

Quinovic acid 3-O-rhamnoside, a natural plant triterpenoid isolated from the bark of Mitragyna rotundifolia, exhibits significant inhibitory activity against sn...

CAS 125305-73-9 21,24-Epoxycycloartane-3,25-diol

(CAS: 125305-73-9)

21,24-Epoxycycloartane-3,25-diol is a natural triterpenoid found in the herbs of Lithocarpus pachyphyllus.

CAS 11021-14-0 Ginsenoside Rc

Ginsenoside Rc
(CAS: 11021-14-0)

Ginsenoside Rc is a steroid glycoside, which is found exclusively in the plant genus Panax (ginseng). It has properties that inhibit or prevent tumors growth. I...

CAS 22149-65-1 Hopane-3β,22-diol

(CAS: 22149-65-1)

Hopane-3beta,22-diol is a natural compound isolated from the herbs of Iodes cirrhosa.

Chemical Structure

CAS 98665-14-6 Ganoderic acid F

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