Ganoderic acid C6 - CAS 105742-76-5
Catalog number: 105742-76-5
Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
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CAS 659738-08-6 Micranoic acid A

Micranoic acid A
(CAS: 659738-08-6)

Micranoic acid A isolated from the herbs of Kadsura angustifolia.

CAS 873001-54-8 3,29-Dibenzoyl rarounitriol

3,29-Dibenzoyl rarounitriol
(CAS: 873001-54-8)

Source from fruits of Trichosanthes kirilowii Maxim

CAS 113558-03-5 1,2,3,19-Tetrahydroxy-12-ursen-28-oic acid

1,2,3,19-Tetrahydroxy-12-ursen-28-oic ac
(CAS: 113558-03-5)

1,2,3,19-Tetrahydroxy-12-ursen-28-oic acid isolated from the herbs of Agrimonia pilosa.

CAS 13849-91-7 Pomolic acid

Pomolic acid
(CAS: 13849-91-7)

CAS 79165-06-3 Diammonium glycyrrhizinate

Diammonium glycyrrhizinate
(CAS: 79165-06-3)

Diammonium glycyrrhizinate is a salt of glycyrrhetinic acid, a pentacyclic triterpenoid derivative of the beta-amyrin type obtained from the hydrolysis of glycy...

(CAS: 1694587-15-9)

A triterpenoid compound.

CAS 155521-46-3 Alisol G

Alisol G
(CAS: 155521-46-3)

Alisol G, a triterpenoid isolated from the rhizome of Alisma orientale, has hCE2 inhibitory effects.

CAS 4547-24-4 Corosolic acid

Corosolic acid
(CAS: 4547-24-4)

Corosolic acid, that is isolated from the barks of Lagerstroemia speciosa, contains anti-angiogenic activity that can suppress FAK signaling induced by angiopoi...

CAS 865543-37-9 Ganoderic acid SZ

Ganoderic acid SZ
(CAS: 865543-37-9)

Ganoderic acid SZ is a natural compound isolated from the fruit body of Ganoderma lucidum.

CAS 34434-99-6 α-Onocerin diacetate

α-Onocerin diacetate
(CAS: 34434-99-6)

Alpha-Onocerin diacetate is a natural compound isolated from the herbs of Lycopodium cernuum L.

CAS 247036-52-8 6-Deoxy-9α-hydroxycedrodorin

(CAS: 247036-52-8)

6-Deoxy-9α-hydroxycedrodorin isolated from the herbs of Cedrela odorata.

CAS 925932-10-1 Secaubrytriol

(CAS: 925932-10-1)

Secaubrytriol is a natural compound isolated from the fruits of Gardenia sootepensis.

CAS 426266-88-8 21,23-Dihydro-23-hydroxy-21-oxozapoterin

(CAS: 426266-88-8)

21,23-Dihydro-23-hydroxy-21-oxozapoterin is a natural compound isolated from the aerial parts of Clausena excavata Burm. f.

CAS 364779-14-6 Ginsenoside Rk2

Ginsenoside Rk2
(CAS: 364779-14-6)

Ginsenoside Rk2 is a new dammarane glycosides isolated from the processed ginseng. Ginseng (Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer, Araliaceae) is one of the most popular he...

CAS 84676-88-0 Isoastragaloside I

Isoastragaloside I
(CAS: 84676-88-0)

Isoastragaloside I is a natural compound from the medicinal herb Radix Astragali. It possesses the activity of elevating adiponectin production. It selectively ...

CAS 100665-44-9 Deacetyl ganoderic acid F

Deacetyl ganoderic acid F
(CAS: 100665-44-9)

CAS 7372-30-7 Ursolic acid acetate

Ursolic acid acetate
(CAS: 7372-30-7)

Acetylursolic acid,that can be isolated from the herbs of Ilex paraguariensis, has several biological activities such as antimalarial, cytotoxic, antitumor, ant...

Eupteleasaponin I
(CAS: 290809-29-9)

Eupteleasaponin I is a triterpenoid compound found in the leaves of Euptelea polyandra Sieb. et Zucc.

CAS 5973-06-8 β-Amyrin palmitate

β-Amyrin palmitate
(CAS: 5973-06-8)

β-Amyrin palmitate isolated from the root of Periploca sepium Bung. It may release norepinephrine from newly synthesized pools to activate noradrenergic activit...

CAS 22611-36-5 Kulactone

(CAS: 22611-36-5)

Chemical Structure

CAS 105742-76-5 Ganoderic acid C6

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