Forskolin G - CAS 473981-11-2
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Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
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Forskolin G is a natural diterpenoid found in the herbs of Coleus forskohlii.
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(3R,4aS,5S,6S,6aS,10S,10aS,10bR)-10-Hydroxy-3,4a,7,7,10a-pentamet hyl-1-oxo-3-vinyldodecahydro-1H-benzo[f]chromene-5,6-diyl diaceta te
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1.Three new diterpenoids from Coleus forskohlii Briq.
Yang QR;Wu HZ;Wang XM;Zou GA;Liu YW J Asian Nat Prod Res. 2006 Jun;8(4):355-60.
Three new diterpenoids, forskolin G(2), forskolin H(3), forskolin I(4), were isolated from the whole plant of the Coleus forskohlii Briq., and their structures were elucidated as 1alpha,6beta-diacetoxy-8,13-epoxylabd-14-en-11-one, 1alpha-hydroxy-6beta,7beta-diacetoxy-8,13-epoxylabd-14-en-11-one, and 1alpha,9alpha-dihydroxy-6beta,7alpha-diacetoxy-8,13-epoxylabd-14-en-11-one on the basis of spectral data.
2.[Studies on the chemical constituents of Coleus forskohlii].
Wang YQ;Ma JP;Pan SL;Hou AJ;Huang JM Zhong Yao Cai. 2009 Sep;32(9):1381-5.
OBJECTIVE: ;To study the chemical constituents in the aerial parts of Coleus forskohlii.;METHODS: ;The compounds were isolated by various column chromatographic methods, and their structures were identified by spectroscopic methods.;RESULTS: ;Twelve compounds were isolated and identified as chamaecydin (1), 6 alpha-hydroxydemethylcryptojaponol (2), alpha-cedrene (3), oleanolic acid (4), forskolin G (5), forskolin J (6), 1,6-diacetyl-9-deoxyforskolin (7), forskolin A (8), forskolin H (9), 6-acetyl-1-deoxyforskolin (10), betulinic acid (11), beta-sitosterol (12).;CONCLUSION: ;Compounds 1 - 3 are isolated from Coleus genus for the first time, and compound 4 is isolated from C. forskohlii for the first time.
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CAS 473981-11-2 Forskolin G

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