Flutropium bromide - CAS 63516-07-4
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1. Anticholinergic Treatment in Airways Diseases
Robert A. Flynn • Deirdre A. Glynn • Marcus P. Kennedy. Adv Ther (2009) 26(10):908-919.
Other inhaled anticholinergic agents, such as oxitropium bromide and flutropium bromide, have not gained widespread use. After initial reports suggested a longer mode of action than ipratropium, oxitropium bromide, another quaternary ammonium compound, became widely available in the 1990s. Subsequent studies, however, did not show any difference in maximal response with ipratropium and its use is now minimal and availability limited. Flutropium bromide was initially promoted as having both bronchodilator and anti-allergy properties through animal research; however, after studies showed no benefit over ipratropium in humans, it is not currently available in the USA and Europe.
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CAS 63516-07-4 Flutropium bromide

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