Etoricoxib - CAS 202409-33-4
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Cox-2 | COX
A selective COX-2 inhibitor
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A selective COX-2 inhibitor
Off-White Solid
5-Chloro-6’-methyl-3-[4-(methylsulfonyl)phenyl]-2,3’-bipyridine; Algix; Arcoxia; Etobrix; Etocox; Etoxib; Etropain; Kingcox; MK 0663; MK 663; Tauxib; Torcoxia
10 mM in DMSO
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1.The Cerebrospinal Fluid Distribution of Postoperatively Administred Dexketoprofen and Etoricoxib and Their Effect on Pain and Inflammatory Markers in Patients Undergoing Hip Arthroplasty.
Piirainen A1,2, Kokki M3,4, Hautajärvi H5, Lehtonen M6, Miettinen H7, Pulkki K8, Ranta VP6, Kokki H1,2. Clin Drug Investig. 2016 Apr 16. [Epub ahead of print]
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Based on earlier literature, etoricoxib may have a delayed analgesic effect in postoperative setting when analgesic efficacy of nonselective nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug dexketoprofen is rapid. This may be caused by slow penetration of etoricoxib into the central nervous system (CNS). Therefore we decided to determine the plasma and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of dexketoprofen and etoricoxib in patients with hip arthroplasty.
2.Combination of etoricoxib and low-pressure pneumoperitoneum versus standard treatment for the management of pain after laparoscopic cholecystectomy: a randomized controlled trial.
Ko-Iam W1,2, Paiboonworachat S3, Pongchairerks P4, Junrungsee S2, Sandhu T5. Surg Endosc. 2016 Feb 23. [Epub ahead of print]
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Postoperative pain is one of the significant problems in laparoscopic surgery, especially during the first 6-12 h. This randomized controlled trial aimed to investigate the effect of combined preemptive etoricoxib 120 mg and low-pressure pneumoperitoneum for the management of pain after laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC).
3.Comparison of Prednisolone, Etoricoxib, and Indomethacin in Treatment of Acute Gouty Arthritis: An Open-Label, Randomized, Controlled Trial.
Xu L1, Liu S1, Guan M1, Xue Y1. Med Sci Monit. 2016 Mar 11;22:810-7.
BACKGROUND At present there are several kinds of medicine for treating acute gout arthritis (AGA). This study compared the efficacy and safety of prednisolone, etoricoxib, and indomethacin in the treatment of AGA. MATERIAL AND METHODS This was an open-label, randomized, active-comparator study in patients with AGA. Patients were randomized to 4 days of prednisolone 35 mg qd, etoricoxib 120 mg qd, or indomethacin 50 mg tid. The primary efficacy endpoint was the reduction of self-assessed pain in the index joint from baseline. Secondary endpoints included changes in physician's assessment of tenderness, erythema, swelling, and joint activity; patient assessment of response to therapy; and safety. RESULTS We analyzed 113 patients. Baseline demographics were comparable among treatment groups. Oral prednisolone, etoricoxib, and indomethacin were similarly effective in improving pain, tenderness, and joint activity over 4 days. For inflammation, oral prednisolone, etoricoxib, and indomethacin were similarly effective in reducing erythema, but prednisolone might be more effective in reducing swelling than indomethacin.
4.Etoricoxib-induced pretibial erythema and edema.
Kumar P1. Indian Dermatol Online J. 2015 Dec;6(Suppl 1):S47-9. doi: 10.4103/2229-5178.171046.
Cyclooxygenase inhibitors were developed in the quest of enhanced analgesic efficacy devoid of gastric side effects. Etoricoxib is a second-generation cox-2 inhibitor and as its use increases so do the reports of side effects. We report a case of extoricoxib-induced pretibial erythema and edema; and review the literature.
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CAS 202409-33-4 Etoricoxib

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