Etimizol - CAS 64-99-3
Catalog number: 64-99-3
Category: Inhibitor
Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
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Etimizol was shown to relieve amnesia effectively in the origin of which there is the hypoxic component (hypobaric hypoxia, actinomycin D, mechanical injury of the brain). lt has a catalytic effect on the respiratory center and belongs to the group of respiratory analeptics, however, it activates adrenokortikotropnuyu pituitary function, which leads to increased levels of glucocorticosteroids in the blood.
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Ethymisole; Antiffine; Ethylnorantiffeine
1.[Different therapeutic approaches for chronic diffuse liver lesions using ornicetil, lactulose, etimizol and corinfar].
Neĭko IeM, Mytnyk ZM, Holovach IIu. Lik Sprava. 2002;(2):64-8.
Different therapeutic regimens were tried in 67 patients with hepatic cirrhosis and in 54 patients with chronic hepatitis depending on the leading pathological syndrome. Treatment schemes involved the use of the drug ornicetil in patients having acute episodes of portal systemic encephalopacy, lactulose in those presenting with an increased content of ammonia in the blood and symptoms of chronic portal systemic encephalopacy; etimizol was given to those patients with an apperant antioxidant imbalance. Differentiated approaches to the institution of curative measures permitted improving considerably the patients' medical rehabilitation, achieving regression of pathological manifestations. It has been found out that the above drugs exert a positive effect on the cytolytic and mesenchimal-inflammatory syndromes and will, we believe, come to be widely used for treating diffuse lesions of the liver.
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CAS 64-99-3 Etimizol

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