Etamsylate - CAS 2624-44-4
Catalog number: 2624-44-4
Category: APIs
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White crystalline powder
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1.Recombinant factor VIIa use in patients with the rarest forms of inherited coagulation-factor deficiencies: a study of cases from the registry
P. Smejkal & M. Hassan & J. Ingerslev. Comp Clin Pathol (2006) 15:203–210
During the second bleeding episode that occurred 5 days later, two doses of 80 μg/kg body weight rFVIIa were administered at an interval of 4 h (total dose: 160 μg/kg body weight) and bleeding markedly decreased 1 h after the second dose. Etamsylate and vitamin K were also given at unspecified doses. Additional treatments comprised Ringer’s lactate (500 ml) and 2 U of PRBCs in the 24-h period before rFVIIa administration and Ringer’s lactate (1,000 ml) and 2 U FFP in the 24-h period after rFVIIa administration. The patient’s outcome after the second bleeding episode was described as “excellent”, and the case provider commented that the treatment was “life saving”.
2.Successful therapeutic management of canine Isosporosis in puppies
Nishiswapna Garanayak • A. R. Gupta • R. C. Patra. J Parasit Dis
The puppies were administered with trimethoprime and sulphamethoxazole @ 40 mg/kg body weight in combination with metronidazole @ 10 mg/kg body weight twice daily for 5 days. As supportive therapy plasma expander @ 5 ml/kg body weight for 3 days along with Ringer’s Lactate @ 30 ml/kg body weight twice daily for 5 days were given. Dextrose was administerd to the puppies to provide the energy @ 0.5 mg/kg body wt. Antiemetic metoclo- pramide @ 0.4 mg/kg body weight and haemocoagulase etamsylate @ 250 mg twice daily was given for 2 days.
S. R. Desai, M. M. Shaikh and S. R. Dharwadkar*. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, Vol. 71 (2003) 651–658
It can be seen from this table that in the case of etamsylate–lactose mixture an additional prominent endothermic peak appeared at 118.5 and the main peak at 136.7°C in original etamsylate shifted to lower temperature of 131.4°C, probably due to solid solubility of lactose in etamsylate. Similarly, the mixture of fluconazole and lactose showed additional peaks at 86.1 and 136.4°C respectively in addition to the peak corresponding to the melting of pure drug at 140.2°C indicating partial interaction of the drug with the excipient. The additional DSC peaks observed for the mixtures which are not present in the DSC patterns recorded for pure drugs and excipients could have resulted from the chemical interaction of the drugs with excipients.
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CAS 2624-44-4 Etamsylate

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