dGTP solution - Lithium Salt
Category: Nucleotides
Molecular Formula:
C10H16N5O13P3 (free acid)
Molecular Weight:
507.18 (free acid)
Unmodified Nucleotides | Nucleotides applied on DNA/RNA
The lithium salt solution form of dGTP. dGTP is a nucleoside triphosphate used in the synthesis of DNA.
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Brife Description:
nucleoside triphosphate
≥ 99% by HPLC
Related CAS:
2564-35-4 (free acid)
clear aqueous solution
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CAS 611-60-9 ddTTP

(CAS: 611-60-9)

ddTTP is an inhibitor of reverse transcriptases from retroviruses, such as HIV-1 and visna (Kis = 20 and 37 nM, respectively). ddTTP is commonly used to termina...

dTTP solution - Lithium Salt

dTTP could be used in the studies of DNA labeling reactions, polymerase chain reaction and sequencing/cycle sequencing analysis.

CAS 29984-33-6 ara-Adenosine-5'-monophosphate (ara-AMP)

ara-Adenosine-5'-monophosphate (ara-AMP)
(CAS: 29984-33-6)

ara-Adenosine-5'-monophosphate (ara-AMP) is an adenosine monophosphate analog with antiviral and possibly antineoplastic properties. It inhibits DNA polymerase ...


5-DBCO-PEG4-dUTP is recommended for two-step labeling of DNA/cDNA. It is enzymatically incorporated into DNA/cDNA as substitute for its natural counterpart dTTP...

CAS 102814-08-4 dUTP solution - Sodium Salt

dUTP solution - Sodium Salt
(CAS: 102814-08-4)

dUTP has been found to be useful in the studies of distribution, specificity and kinetics of dUTPase.


5-Bromo-UTP is commonly used to label RNA through being incorporated into RNA for the detection with anti-5-Bromo-UTP antibodies and for the random-mutation int...

dNTP Mix incl. dUTP / 10 mM

An equimolar(10 nm) mixture solution of ultrapure dATP, dCTP, dGTP and dUTP.

dCTP solution - Lithium Salt

The lithium salt solution form of dCTP. dCTP is a nucleoside triphosphate used in DNA synthesis by being incorporated into DNA strand.


2-Hydroxy-dATP is an oxidized form of dATP with a mutagenic effect, which is generated by being incorporated opposite G by Escherichia coli DNA polymerase III.

CAS 2564-35-4 dGTP - lyophilized

dGTP - lyophilized
(CAS: 2564-35-4)

The lyophilized form of dGTP. dGTP is a nucleoside triphosphate used in the synthesis of DNA.

CAS 1492-62-2 2-Fluoro-ATP

(CAS: 1492-62-2)

2-Fluoro-ATP is a toxic metabolite of 9-β-D-arabinosyl-2-fluoroadenine, an anticancer drug. 2-Fluoro-ATP is commonly used as a versatile tool for 19F NMR-based ...

dNTP Mix / 25 mM

An equimolar (25 nm) mixture solution of ultrapure dATP, dCTP, dGTP and dTTP.

ddNTP bundle

ddNTP bundle is a mixture of ddATP, ddTTP, ddGTP and ddCTP. ddNTP is an inhibitor of DNA polymerase used to terminate chain extension.

Chemical Structure

CAS  dGTP solution - Lithium Salt

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