Desbutyl Lumefantrine D9 - CAS 1346606-35-6
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Desbutyl Lumefantrine D9 is the deuterium labeled euterium labeled, which is a metabolite of Lumefantrine.
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252990-19-5 (unlabelled)
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4-Hydroxy Alverine-d5
(CAS: 1216415-67-6)

4-Hydroxy Alverine-d5 is a labelled analogue of Alverine. Alverine is a medication used for the treatment of functional gastrointestinal disorders. It can relax...


One of the isotope labelled form of Erythromycylamine, which could be used as a potent macrolide antibiotic agent.

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CAS 344298-96-0 4-Aminobiphenyl-d9

(CAS: 344298-96-0)

4-Aminobiphenyl-d9 is a labelled amine derivative of biphenyl.

Idarubicinol-13C, d3

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trans-Hydroxy Glimepiride-d4

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One of the isotopic labelled form of (±)-Methocarbamol, which could be used as a muscle relaxant.


An isotope labelled of Lymecycline. Lymecycline is a tetracycline broad-spectrum antibiotic.

Roflumilast-d5 N-oxide

A deuterated impurity of Roflumilast.Roflumilast is a selective, long-acting inhibitor of the enzyme phosphodiesterase-4 (PDE-4)


An isotope labelled derivative of Cortisone. Cortisone is a pregnane steroid hormone as an anti-inflammatory agent.


An isotope labelled derivative of Thiorphan. Thiorphan is the active metabolite of the antidiarrheal racecadotril.

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Naftazone-d6 beta-D Glucoronide

Labelled Naftazone, which is a vasoprotectant drug used for hemostasis.

4-Hydroxy nimesulide-d4
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A labelled impurity of Nimesulide, which is a selective COX-2 inhibitor.


An isotope labelled metabolite of JWH122. JWH122 is a synthetic cannabinoid with high affinities for both CB1 and CB2 receptor

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Nor Neostigmine-d6

A degradation product of Neostigmine. Neostigmine is a medication used for the treatment of myasthenia gravis and so on.

Chemical Structure

CAS 1346606-35-6 Desbutyl Lumefantrine D9

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