As a global leader in manufacturing, BOC Sciences delivers API products and customized synthesis to clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agrochemical industries from preclinical to commercial stages. We ensure on-time delivery of low cost and high quality chemicals to meet all your needs. BOC Sciences’continued investment in developing new organic synthetic technology, like continuous processing, enzyme chemistry and asymmetric catalytic hydrogenation, will strengthen BOC Sciences’ expertise both domestically and globally.

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-> Manufacture of raw materials, registered GMP starting materials and intermediates from small scale (1kg) to commercial quantities (1000 kg);
-> Production of APIs to support drug candidate selections;
-> GLP toxicology studies and clinical studies;
-> Development and optimization of environmentally friendly process;
-> Competitive quality and price comparable to commodity chemical suppliers
We continue to maintain our excellent compliance record, quality commitment and chemistry expertise from the importation of raw materials to the development, manufacture and distribution of all our products.