Clobetasol Propionate-d5
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An isotope lablled Clobetasol propionate. Clobetasol propionate is a corticAn isotope labelled of Clobetasol propionate. Clobetasol propionate is a corticosteroid that can be used to treat various skin disorders.
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95% by HPLC; 98% atom D
Related CAS:
25122-46-7 (non-labelled)
White to Off-White Solid
(11β,16β)-21-Chloro-9-fluoro-11-hydroxy-16-methyl-17-(1-oxopropoxy)pregna-1,4-diene-3,20-dione-d5; 21-Chloro-21-deoxybetamethasone 17-Propionate-d5; Clobederm-d5; Clobesol-d5; Clobex-d5; Dermoval-d5; Dermovate-d5; Dermoxin-d5; Dermoxinale-d5; GR 2/925-d5; Karison-d5; Olux-d5; Skin Cap-d5; Temovate-d5;
Melting Point:
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(CAS: 1219803-95-8)

A labelled Doxazosin. Doxazosin is an α1-selective alpha blocker used to treat hypertension and alleviate symptoms of an enlarged prostate.


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Amitriptyline-d3 HCl
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An isotope labelled Trimethoprim. Trimethoprim is an antibiotic used in the treatment of bladder infections.

(CAS: 1537187-53-3)

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(CAS: 1808990-94-4)

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Nitrofurazone-13C,15N2 is a labelled Nitrofurazone. Nitrofurazone is an antimicrobial agent commonly used in the topic antibiotic ointment.

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