CKD-516 HCl - CAS 1240321-53-2
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Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
CKD-516 is tubulin inhibitor for solid cancer, which was initiated phase 1 trial in Korea in 2010.  CKD-516 selectively disrupted tubulin component of the endothelial cytoskeleton. Serial DCE-MRI showed a significant decrease in K-trans and IAUGC parameters from baseline at 4 h (39.9 % in K-trans; -45.0 % in IAUGC) and at 24 h (-32.2 % in K-trans; -36.5 % in IAUGC), and a significant recovery at 48 h (22.9 % in K-trans; 34.8 % in IAUGC) following administration of CKD-516 at a 0.7-mg/kg dose. When the tumors were stratified according to the initial K-trans value of 0.1, tumors with a high K-trans > 0.1 which was indicative of having well-developed pre-existing vessels, showed greater reduction in K-trans and IAUGC values. On histologic examination, the degree of necrosis of treated tumors was significantly greater than that of untreated tumors. In summary, CKD-516 is an effective VDA which results in rapid vascular shutdown by targeting the tubulin component of tumor vessels and thus leads to necrosis.
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white solid powder
CKD-516; CKD516; CKD 516
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CKD Pharmaceuticals Inc, Korea.
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CAS 1240321-53-2 CKD-516 HCl

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