Cinepazide maleate - CAS 26328-04-1
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1. Photoisomerism of a vasodilator cinepazide maleate
Huaxiang Liu • Feifei Qi • Yanan Hao • Shuxiang Dong • Qingwei Meng. Med Chem Res (2011) 20:1154–1157
The cis–trans isomerism of cinepazide maleate under the irradiation of various light sources and in different solutions was studied in the present work. According to the experimental results, cinepazide maleate in the high concentration solution was insensitive to the light with a too short or too long wavelength (Fig. 3). In the tests using ethanol as reference solution, the maximum absorption wavelengths of cis-isomer and trans-isomer of cinepazide maleate in the ethanol solution were 290 and 310 nm, respectively. The results implied that the effect of light on the photoisomerism of cinepazide maleate was obvious in a suitable wavelength (e.g., 365 nm).
2. Current situation and challenge of registry in China
Yang Zhang, Yuji Feng, Zhi Qu, Yali Qi, Siyan Zhan. Front. Med. 2014, 8(3): 294–299
Table 3 classifies the registries by diseases based on ICD-10. Endocrine, nutritional, and metabolic diseases have the highest percentage of relation to the registries, followed by diseases of the circulatory system and neoplasms. Drug and device registries are relatively scattered. These registries are always combined with specified diseases or conditions, including drugs used for the following diseases: neoplasms (e.g., bevacizumab), diseases of the digestive system (e.g., pancreatic enzyme), diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs, diseases related to the immune mechanism hematological system (e.g., idarubicin), diseases of the circulatory system and cardiovascular diseases (e.g., clopidogrel), diseases of the nervous system (e.g., lurasidone), diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue dermatology (e.g., topical corticosteroids), traditional Chinese medicine injections (e.g., cinepazide maleate injection), biomarkers (lung cancer biomarker panel), and some devices related to medical operations (e.g., stenting and colonoscopy).
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CAS 26328-04-1 Cinepazide maleate

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