Cgp 39653 - CAS 132472-31-2
Catalog number: 132472-31-2
Category: Inhibitor
Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
NMDA Receptor
Cgp 39653 is a competitive N-Methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonist. CGP 39653 can selectively bins to the NMDA receptor as an antagonist with high affinity. It is currently the ligand of choice for labeling the NMDA receptor.
(R,Z)-2-amino-4-(phosphonomethyl)hept-3-enoic acid
Soluble in DMSO
-20°C Freezer
the ligand of choice for labeling the NMDA receptor.
Quality Standard:
In-house standard
Shelf Life:
2 month in rt, long time
Canonical SMILES:
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Related NMDA Receptor Products

CAS 113919-36-1 PMPA (NMDA antagonist)

PMPA (NMDA antagonist)
(CAS: 113919-36-1)

PMPA (NMDA antagonist) is a selective competitive antagonist at the NMDA receptor, with Ki= 0.84, 2.74, 3.53 and 4.16 μM at GluN2A, GluN2B, GluN2C and GluN2D su...

CAS 117414-74-1 D-CPP-ene

(CAS: 117414-74-1)

D-CPP-ene has been found to be an effective and competitive NMDA antagonist.

CAS 169274-78-6 Ro 25-6981

Ro 25-6981
(CAS: 169274-78-6)

Ro 25-6981, structurally related to ifenprodil and with no affinity for the known binding sites of non-competitive antagonists such as phencyclidine or MK-801, ...

CAS 174575-17-8 SDZ 220-581

SDZ 220-581
(CAS: 174575-17-8)

SDZ 220-581 is a competitive NMDA receptor antagonist (pKi = 7.7). SDZ 220-581 was indicated a reverse effect on haloperidol-induced catalepsy in the rat model ...

CAS 1177583-87-7 N20C hydrochloride

N20C hydrochloride
(CAS: 1177583-87-7)

N20C hydrochloride is a NMDA receptor antagonist with IC50 value of 5 μM. It shows neuroprotective activity in vivo.

CGP 43487
(CAS: 146388-56-9)

CGP 43487 has been found to be a NMDA receptor antagonist and was once studied about its influenment of dopaminergic function as a supplement in the treatment o...

CAS 306-67-2 Spermine tetrahydrochloride

Spermine tetrahydrochloride
(CAS: 306-67-2)

Spermine tetrahydrochloride is a polyamine that binds to and modulates NMDA receptor channel. Spermine also acts as a GluR inhibitor, PLCα inhibitor and PLCδ ac...

CAS 1312991-83-5 threo Ifenprodil hemitartrate

threo Ifenprodil hemitartrate
(CAS: 1312991-83-5)

Threo Ifenprodil hemitartrate is the hemitartrate salt of threo ifenprodil, which is a NR2B subunit-selective NMDA receptor antagonist, as well as a potent σ re...

CAS 1312991-77-7 Ro 8-4304 hydrochloride

Ro 8-4304 hydrochloride
(CAS: 1312991-77-7)

Ro 8-4304 hydrochloride is a non-competitive NMDA receptor antagonist with > 100 fold selectivity for NR2B-containing receptors over NR2A-containing receptors.

CAS 137160-11-3 Cerestat

(CAS: 137160-11-3)

Cerestat, a naphthalenyl-guanidine derivative, which has been found to be a potent and noncompetitive NMDA receptor antagonist(IC50 = 36 nM) and exhibits more t...

CAS 79055-68-8 D-AP5

(CAS: 79055-68-8)

D-AP5, a more active form of AP5, has been found to be an NMDA antagonist.

CAS 137433-06-8 LY 235959

LY 235959
(CAS: 137433-06-8)

LY 235959 is a competitive N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor antagonist originated by Eli Lilly. No development was reported for treatment of Movement disorders in ...

Felbamate hydrate
(CAS: 1177501-39-1)

The hydrate of Felbamate which is an effective anticonvulsant agent. It was found to be clinically active for probably restraining the effectivity of NMDA.

CAS 1115-65-7 L-Cysteinesulfinic acid

L-Cysteinesulfinic acid
(CAS: 1115-65-7)

L-Cysteinesulfinic acid is an agonist of mGlu1a and mGlu5a subtypes expressed in clonal RGT cell lines and an agonist of NMDA. It is used to probe conformationa...

CAS 113190-92-4 PPPA

(CAS: 113190-92-4)

PPPA is a competitive NMDA receptor antagonist that displays moderate selectivity for NR2A-containing receptors (Ki=0.13, 0.47, 1.10 and 3.86 μM for GluN2A, Glu...

CAS 81338-23-0 D-AP7

(CAS: 81338-23-0)

D-AP7 is a selective NMDA receptor antagonist that inhibits the glutamate binding site and activation of NMDA receptor. It is the 8-Bromo-cGMP and the more acti...

CAS 79055-67-7 L-AP5

(CAS: 79055-67-7)

L-AP5 has been found to be an NMDA antagonist as well as a quisqualate-sensitized AP6 site agonist.

CAS 100828-16-8 (RS)-CPP

(CAS: 100828-16-8)

(RS)-CPP, a piperazin derivative, has been found to be an effective NMDA antagonist.

(CAS: 1237744-13-6)

QNZ46, a NMDA receptor antagonist, has been studied to have potential effect in some neurological diseases for it works by influencing some amino acids combinat...

CAS 4682-36-4 Orphenadrine Citrate

Orphenadrine Citrate
(CAS: 4682-36-4)

Orphenadrine Citrate is a skeletal muscle relaxant, it acts in the central nervous system to produce its muscle relaxant effects.

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