Cefradine - CAS 38821-53-3
Category: Metabolites
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A first generation cephalosporin antibiotic; has similar anti-bacterial spectrum of activity to cefalexin
White to yellowish crystalline powder
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Related Semi-synthetic Products

CAS 13292-46-1 Rifampicin

(CAS: 13292-46-1)

A sparingly soluble (1.4 mg/ml) bacterial protein synthesis inhibiting antibiotic

CAS 208538-73-2 Micafungin sodium

Micafungin sodium
(CAS: 208538-73-2)

The salt of the semi-synthetic cyclic lipopeptide, micafungin; inhibits the synthesis of β-(1,3)-D-glucan, an essential component of the cell wall of susceptibl...

delta2-Avermectin B1a

An irreversible base degradation product of avermectin found in animal treated with avermectin and in the environment

Eprinomectin B1b
(CAS: 13305-89-2)

A semi-synthetic analogue of avermectin B1b prepared by oxidation of the 4”-hydroxy moiety and reductive amination followed by acetylation; the minor component ...

Enramycin B
(CAS: 34304-21-7)

A polypeptide antibiotic produced by streptomyces fungicidus; developed as a food additive in japan; composed of two different compounds: Enramycin A and enramy...

CAS 7681-93-8 Natamycin

(CAS: 7681-93-8)

A sparingly soluble (4.1 mg/ml) fungicidal polyene antifungal

CAS 235114-32-6 Micafungin

(CAS: 235114-32-6)

A semi-synthetic cyclic lipopeptide belonging to the echinocandin class; not derived from echinocandin but rather from FR901379 which contains a phenolic sulpha...

CAS 69712-56-7 Cefotetan

(CAS: 69712-56-7)

A cephamycin antibiotic grouped with the second generation cephalosporins

Erythromycin A oxime
(CAS: 111321-02-9)

A semi-synthetic analogue of erythromycin; pivotal in the development of the ring expanded aza-erythromycins (e.g. Azithromycin) and the oxime ethers (e.g. Roxi...

epi-Avermectin B1a
(CAS: 106434-14-4)

A base-catalysed intermediate in the decomposition of avermectin B1a; only very weakly active as a nematocide showing ~100-fold loss of biological activity comp...

Milbemycin A4 oxime
(CAS: 93074-04-5)

A semi-synthetic macrocyclic lactone prepared by the oxidation and oximation of a mixture of milbemycin A4; the major component (~70%) in the commercial product...

CAS 78822-40-9 Pirlimycin hydrochloride

Pirlimycin hydrochloride
(CAS: 78822-40-9)

A salt of the semi-synthetic tetracycline analogue, pirlimycin; a broad spectrum antibiotic with activity against anaerobic bacteria and protozoans by binding t...

CAS 10592-13-9 Doxycycline hydrochloride

Doxycycline hydrochloride
(CAS: 10592-13-9)

A salt prepared from doxycycline taking advantage of the basic dimethylamino group which protonates and readily forms a salt in hydrochloric acid solutions; the...

CAS 61477-96-1 Piperacillin

(CAS: 61477-96-1)

An extended spectrum beta-lactam antibiotic and resistant to many beta-lactamases

CAS 42540-40-9 Cefamandole nafate

Cefamandole nafate
(CAS: 42540-40-9)

A second generation cephalosporin antibiotic

CAS 171500-79-1 Dalbavancin

(CAS: 171500-79-1)

A semi-synthetic glycopeptide prepared from A40926

Milbemycin A3 oxime
(CAS: 114177-14-9)

A semi-synthetic macrocyclic lactone prepared by the oxidation and oximation of a mixture of milbemycin A3; the minor component (~30%) in the commercial product...

CAS 3963-95-9 Methacycline hydrochloride

Methacycline hydrochloride
(CAS: 3963-95-9)

A salt prepared from methacycline taking advantage of the basic dimethylamino group; the preferred formulation for pharmaceutical applications; shows broad spec...

CAS 33396-29-1 Erythromycin A enol ether

Erythromycin A enol ether
(CAS: 33396-29-1)

A degradation product of erythromycin formed under acidic conditions by C6–OH internal attack on the C9 ketone to produce a cyclic enol ether; an important stan...

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CAS 38821-53-3 Cefradine

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