Cefazolin sodium - CAS 27164-46-1
Category: Metabolites
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A first generation cephalosporin antibiotic; sparingly soluble in aqueous solution (0.47 mg/ml)
White or almost white powder
Water: Freely soluble
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CAS 96829-58-2 Tetrahydrolipstatin

(CAS: 96829-58-2)

A semi-synthetic derivative of lipstatin, a metabolite isolated from streptomyces toxytricini; a potent, irreversible inhibitor of pancreatic lipase; blocks the...

CAS 70288-86-7 Ivermectin

(CAS: 70288-86-7)

An insoluble broad spectrum anti-parasitic drug; considered a dangerous good

CAS 55297-96-6 Tiamulin hydrogen fumarate

Tiamulin hydrogen fumarate
(CAS: 55297-96-6)

A semi–synthetic analogue of pleuromutilin; a potent and highly selective antibiotic active against a range of gram positive bacteria; unique mode of action of ...

CAS 10592-13-9 Doxycycline hydrochloride

Doxycycline hydrochloride
(CAS: 10592-13-9)

A salt prepared from doxycycline taking advantage of the basic dimethylamino group which protonates and readily forms a salt in hydrochloric acid solutions; the...

CAS 35607-66-0 Cefoxitin

(CAS: 35607-66-0)

A cephamycin beta-lactam antibiotic grouped with the second generation cephalosporins

3-Ethoxy-spinosyn L
(CAS: 187166-15-0)

The minor component in the second generation spinosyn family of bio-insecticides marketed as spinetoram; a semi-synthetic compound prepared by selective ethylat...

CAS 123171-59-5 Cefepime hydrochloride hydrate

Cefepime hydrochloride hydrate
(CAS: 123171-59-5)

A fourth generation cephalosporin antibiotic.

CAS 33564-30-6 Cefoxitin sodium

Cefoxitin sodium
(CAS: 33564-30-6)

A cephamycin beta-lactam antibiotic grouped with the second generation cephalosporins

CAS 73816-42-9 Meclocycline sulfosalicylate

Meclocycline sulfosalicylate
(CAS: 73816-42-9)

A salt prepared from demeclocycline taking advantage of the basic dimethylamino group; shows broad spectrum antibacterial and antiprotozoan activity by binding ...

CAS 208538-73-2 Micafungin sodium

Micafungin sodium
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The salt of the semi-synthetic cyclic lipopeptide, micafungin; inhibits the synthesis of β-(1,3)-D-glucan, an essential component of the cell wall of susceptibl...

Anhydrochlortetracycline hydrochloride
(CAS: 65490-24-5)

A degradation product of chlorotetracycline formed by acid-catalysed isomerisation of the dimethylamino group at C4

CAS 171500-79-1 Dalbavancin

(CAS: 171500-79-1)

A semi-synthetic glycopeptide prepared from A40926

CAS 61477-96-1 Piperacillin

(CAS: 61477-96-1)

An extended spectrum beta-lactam antibiotic and resistant to many beta-lactamases

CAS 235114-32-6 Micafungin

(CAS: 235114-32-6)

A semi-synthetic cyclic lipopeptide belonging to the echinocandin class; not derived from echinocandin but rather from FR901379 which contains a phenolic sulpha...

Spinosyn D 17-pseudoaglycone
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An acid degradation product produced by selective hydrolysis of the more labile forosamine saccharide in the 17-position in spinosyn D; only weakly active as an...

CAS 76455-48-6 A23187, 4-Bromo

A23187, 4-Bromo
(CAS: 76455-48-6)

4-Bromo-calcimycin, a halogenated analog of A-2318, is a non-Fluorescent Ca2+ ionophore which could be commonly used in fluorescent probes experiments as a modu...

CAS 24729-96-2 Clindamycin 2-phosphate

Clindamycin 2-phosphate
(CAS: 24729-96-2)

A salt of clindamycin, a semi-synthetic lincosamide; prepared by selective phosphorylation of the 2-hydroxy moiety of the sugar of clindamycin; a broad spectrum...

3-Ethoxy-spinosyn L 17-pseudoaglycone

An acid degradation product produced by selective hydrolysis of the more labile forosamine saccharide in the 17-position of 3-ethoxy-5,6-dihydrospinosyn J, the ...

CAS 220119-17-5 Selamectin

(CAS: 220119-17-5)

A semi-synthetic avermectin derivative prepared by selective hydrolysis and oximation of doramectin; a potent nematocide used for the treatment of endo- and exo...

Chemical Structure

CAS 27164-46-1 Cefazolin sodium

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