Cefamandole sodium salt - CAS 30034-03-8
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A second generation cephalosporin antibiotic
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White or off-white powder
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CAS 61336-70-7 Amoxicillin trihydrate

Amoxicillin trihydrate
(CAS: 61336-70-7)

An extended spectrum beta-lactam antibiotic; similar in structure to ampicillin; can be combined with clavulanate potassium for greater efficacy against beta-la...

CAS 33396-29-1 Erythromycin A enol ether

Erythromycin A enol ether
(CAS: 33396-29-1)

A degradation product of erythromycin formed under acidic conditions by C6–OH internal attack on the C9 ketone to produce a cyclic enol ether; an important stan...

CAS 128-46-1 Dihydrostreptomycin

(CAS: 128-46-1)

Dihydrostreptomycin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic with a bactericidal property. It is used in the treatment of tuberculosis.

CAS 81103-11-9 Clarithromycin

(CAS: 81103-11-9)

A macrolide antibiotic active against a broad range of gram positive bacteria; enhance acid stability and improve oral bioavailability compared with erythromyci...

CAS 112362-50-2 Dalfopristin mesylate

Dalfopristin mesylate
(CAS: 112362-50-2)

A semi-synthetic analogue of ostreogrycin A (virginiamycin M, pristinamycin IIA, streptogramin A) formed by addition of diethylaminoethylthiol to the 2-pyrrolin...

CAS 6625-20-3 Sancycline hydrochloride

Sancycline hydrochloride
(CAS: 6625-20-3)

The hydrochloride salt of a rare semi-synthetic tetracycline; prepared by hydrogenolysis of the chloro and benzylic hydroxy moieties of declomycin; acts by reve...

CAS 108050-54-0 Tilmicosin

(CAS: 108050-54-0)

A semi-synthetic antibiotic derived from desmycosin (tylosin B), a minor co-metabolite of tylosin; prepared by the partial hydrolysis of tylosin with the loss o...

CAS 217500-96-4 Tulathromycin

(CAS: 217500-96-4)

A semi-synthetic erythromycin belonging to the ring expanded aza–erythromycins; regarded as the first of the triamilides

CAS 38821-53-3 Cefradine

(CAS: 38821-53-3)

A first generation cephalosporin antibiotic; has similar anti-bacterial spectrum of activity to cefalexin

(CAS: 68373--14-8)

A beta-lactamase inhibitor used to increase potency of beta-lactam antibiotics


A base-catalysed intermediate in the decomposition of doramectin; formed by epimerisation at the 2-position which ultimately rearranges irreversibly to the isom...

CAS 328898-40-4 Tildipirosin

(CAS: 328898-40-4)

A semi-synthetic antibiotic derived from a tylosin derivative; a wider spectrum of antibiotic action than the dibasic analogues such as tilmicosin, in particula...

CAS 23313-80-6 Epitetracycline hydrochloride

Epitetracycline hydrochloride
(CAS: 23313-80-6)

A degradation product of tetracycline formed by acid-catalysed isomerisation of the dimethylamino- group at C4; exhibits little antibiotic activity.

CAS 129496-10-2 Milbemycin oxime

Milbemycin oxime
(CAS: 129496-10-2)

A semi-synthetic macrocyclic lactone prepared by the oxidation; used therapeutically for the prevention of intestinal parasites in dogs

CAS 42422-68-4 beta-Zearalanol

(CAS: 42422-68-4)

A minor analogue of the zearalenone family of resorcinyl macrocyclic lactones; produced by several species of fusarium; exhibits estrogenic activity in animals;...

CAS 220119-17-5 Selamectin

(CAS: 220119-17-5)

A semi-synthetic avermectin derivative prepared by selective hydrolysis and oximation of doramectin; a potent nematocide used for the treatment of endo- and exo...

CAS 208538-73-2 Micafungin sodium

Micafungin sodium
(CAS: 208538-73-2)

The salt of the semi-synthetic cyclic lipopeptide, micafungin; inhibits the synthesis of β-(1,3)-D-glucan, an essential component of the cell wall of susceptibl...

CAS 30034-03-8 Cefamandole sodium salt

Cefamandole sodium salt
(CAS: 30034-03-8)

A second generation cephalosporin antibiotic

Spinosyn D 17-pseudoaglycone
(CAS: 131929-55-0)

An acid degradation product produced by selective hydrolysis of the more labile forosamine saccharide in the 17-position in spinosyn D; only weakly active as an...

CAS 564-25-0 Doxycycline

(CAS: 564-25-0)

A semi-synthetic tetracycline prepared by hydrogenolysis of oxytetracycline to remove the 6-hydroxy group; together with minocycline, is regarded as a ‘third ge...

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CAS 30034-03-8 Cefamandole sodium salt

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