Carfilzomib - CAS 868540-17-4
Category: Metabolites
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An anti-cancer tetrapeptide epoxyketone drug; used for the treatment of multiple myeloma
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(HPLC): Not less than 99.0%
White solid
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CAS 3131-03-1 Virginiamycin B

Virginiamycin B
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CAS 868540-17-4 Carfilzomib

(CAS: 868540-17-4)

An anti-cancer tetrapeptide epoxyketone drug; used for the treatment of multiple myeloma

Sch 725674
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Clarithromycin related compound I
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A major component of the cytochalasin complex; inhibits of tumour cell growth in vitro.

CAS 1204313-51-8 Icotinib hydrochloride

Icotinib hydrochloride
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An anticancer agent; an inhibitor of mutated, overactive or overexpresssed epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)

(CAS: 76265-48-0)

A co-metabolite of nargenicin, bearing the core macrocyclic lactone but lacking the pyrrole ester; a potent antibiotic active against both aerobic and anaerobic...

Chemical Structure

CAS 868540-17-4 Carfilzomib

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