cAMP-AM - CAS 159764-93-9
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Category: Nucleotides
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Cyclic Nucleotides
cAMP-AM is a membrane-permeant precursor of cAMP, the second messenger. cAMP is released after permeation and metabolism of cAMP-AM by esterases, then it is metabolized to produce a pulse-type signal.
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≥ 97% by HPLC for mixture of isomers
Adenosine- 3', 5'- monophosphate, acetoxymethyl ester
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CAS 30275-80-0 6-Bnz-cAMP

(CAS: 30275-80-0)

6-Bnz-cAMP is a selective activator of cAMP-dependent protein kinase that can be used as an Epac-negative control. Compared to cAMP, it has a superior stability...


Sp-c-diAMPS is an analogue of c-diAMP, the bacterial second messenger.

CAS 151837-09-1 Rp-cAMPS, triethyl ammonium salt

Rp-cAMPS, triethyl ammonium salt
(CAS: 151837-09-1)

Rp-cAMPS is a competitive inhibitor of protein kinase A type I and II, the cAMP antagonist, which has high selectivity of type II of protein kinase A. It effect...


8-pCPT-2'-O-Me-cXMP can be used as a control since it has no activated effect on protein kinase G or Epac.


6-AE-8-N3-cAMP is a photosensitive analogue for photoaffinity labelling. It can be immobilized by the irradiation of UV light. The amino group in position 6 of ...

(CAS: 124844-92-4)

Rp-2-Cl-cAMPS is an analogue of Rp-cAMPS, the protein kinase A inhibitor. The chlorine atom in position 2 of adenine nucleobase significantly increase the stabi...


8-AET-2'-O-Me-cAMP-Agarose is the second messenger cAMP with a methylated ribose 2'-hydroxyl group immobilized on agarose by an aminoethylthio spacer, which can...

CAS 85819-83-6 2'-NH2-cAMP

(CAS: 85819-83-6)

2'-NH2-cAMP is often used in affinity chromatography of cAMP and cGMP binding proteins for its amino group used as a ligand, which do not require an intact 2'-O...

(CAS: 788807-32-9)

Rp-8-Br-2'-O-MB-cAMPS is a precursor of Rp-8-Br-cAMPS, the protein kinase A inhibitor. Rp-8-Br-cAMPS and butyrate are released after the metabolism of Rp-8-Br-2...

CAS 39023-65-9 2-Cl-cAMP

(CAS: 39023-65-9)

2-Cl-cAMP is a selective cAMP analogue preferring the B sites of both protein kinase A type I and II.


Rp-8-AHA-cAMPS-Agarose is the metabolically stable protein kinase A inhibitor Rp-cAMPS immobilized on agarose by an aminohexylamino spacer, which can be used in...


Sp-2'-AEC-cAMPS is a phosphodiesterase-resistant ligand in affinity chromatography of cAMP and cGMP binding proteins and can be modified with fluorophores and o...

CAS 93602-66-5 Sp-cAMPS, triethyl ammonium salt

Sp-cAMPS, triethyl ammonium salt
(CAS: 93602-66-5)

Sp-cAMPS is a stimulator of protein kinase A, the cAMP agonist. It has higher resistance against cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases compared to dibutyryl- or ...

(CAS: 909782-76-9)

8-MABA-cAMP is a fluorescent cAMP analogue (λexc352 nm, λem436 nm).


2'-AHC-c-diAMP-Agarose is the bacterial second messenger c-diAMP immobilized on agarose by an aminohexylcarbamoyl spacer, which can be used in affinity chromato...

(CAS: 152218-24-1)

Sp-cAMPS-AM is a precursor of Sp-cAMPS, the PDE-resistant protein kinase A stimulator. Sp-cAMPS is released after metabolism of Sp-cAMPS-AM by esterases.

CAS 152218-23-0 Sp-2'-O-MB-cAMPS

(CAS: 152218-23-0)

Sp-2'-O-MB-cAMPS is a precursor ofSp-cAMPS, a PDE-resistant stimulator of protein kinase A. Sp-cAMPS and butyrate are released after the metabolism of Sp-2'-O-M...


8-Biotin-11-c-diGMP is an analogue of c-diGMP, the bacterial second messenger. It is a potential tracer in immunoassays and commonly used for affinity chromatog...


2'-TAMRA-AEC-cGMP is a fluorescent cGMP analogue (λexc555 nm, λem580 nm) that can be used for phosphodiesterase studies.

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CAS 159764-93-9 cAMP-AM

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