Calcium Green BAPTA-2 AM
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Calcium Green BAPTA-2 AM is a fluorescent calcium indicator.
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CAS 149732-62-7 Fura Red, AM

Fura Red, AM
(CAS: 149732-62-7)

Fura Red, AM is a cell-permeable, green-fluorescent calcium indicator used for ratiometric calculation by microphotometry, imaging or flow cytometry.

Rhod-2 Tripotassium Salt

Rhod-2 Tripotassium Salt is a cell-impermeant calcium indicator used for investigations of calcium signaling.

CAS 51023-76-8 4-Acetamido-4'-isothiocyanatostilbene-2,2'-disulfonic acid disodium salt

(CAS: 51023-76-8)

SITS is an amine-reactive fluorescent probe for studying ion transporter.

CAS 132299-21-9 Mag-indo-1 tetrapotassium salt

Mag-indo-1 tetrapotassium salt
(CAS: 132299-21-9)

Mag-indo-1 tetrapotassium salt is a cell-impermeable fluorescent magnesium indicator.

CAS 121714-22-5 Fluo-3 AM

Fluo-3 AM
(CAS: 121714-22-5)

Fluo-3 is a visable wavelength calcium indicator commonly used in flow cytometry (FC) and cell-based experiments to detect changes in intracellular calcium leve...

CAS 132319-56-3 Indo-1 potassium salt

Indo-1 potassium salt
(CAS: 132319-56-3)

Indo-1 is a ratiometric fluorescent indicator for calcium. Indo-1 is useful for flow cytometry. The emission maximum shifts from 475-485 nm without calcium to 4...

Fluo-4FF AM

Fluo-4FF AM is a cell-permeant fluorescent calcium indicator. Fluo-4FF is an analog of fluo-4 with a lower affinity for calcium, which is suitable for investiga...

CAS 124549-23-1 PBFI AM

(CAS: 124549-23-1)

PBFI AM is a cell-permeable fluorescent probe for measuring potassium changes in cells and intracellular compartments. PBFI AM is hydrolyzed by intracellular es...

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CAS  Calcium Green BAPTA-2 AM

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