Bryostatin 2 - CAS 87745-28-6
Catalog number: 87745-28-6
Category: Metabolites
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
source\Analogue Sets:
Bryostatin 2, an analog of Bryostatin 1, is an activator of PKC (protein kinase C) with anti-tumor properties. Bryostatin 2 inhibits DNA synthesis at 100 nM in SH-SY5Y human neuroblastoma cells.
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White lyophilised solid
(1S,3S,5Z,7R,8E,11S,12S,13E,15S,17R,21R,23R,25S)-1,11,21,25-Tetrahydroxy-17-[(1R)-1-hydroxyethyl]-5,13-bis(2-methoxy-2-oxoethylidene)-10,10,26,26-tetramethyl-19-oxo-18,27,28,29-tetraoxatetracyclo[,7.111,15]nonacos-8-en-12-yl-(2E,4E)-2,4-octadienoic acid ester; Bryostatin 2; 87745-28-6; NSC 339554
Soluble in ethanol
Store at -21°C
Boiling Point:
957.2±65.0 °C | Condition: Press: 760 Torr
1.28±0.1 g/cm3
Canonical SMILES:
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Chemical Structure

CAS 87745-28-6 Bryostatin 2

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