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A directed biosynthetic analogue of chlorothricin; produced by a chlorothricin-producing strain of streptomyces antibioticus using media supplemented with potassium bromide; exhibits similar properties to chlorothricin.bromothricin is soluble in ethanol,
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>95% by HPLC
White to off white solid
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CAS 1401-69-0 Tylosin

(CAS: 1401-69-0)

A 16-membered macrocyclic lactone isolated from streptomyces fradiae; has broad spectrum antibacterial activity; a veterinary pharmaceutical for treatment of ba...

Sporidesmolide V
(CAS: 127072-57-5)

The most non-polar of the N-methyl analogues belonging the hexadepsipeptide sporidesmolide complex; involves the use of D- and L- amino acids utilising alloisol...

Germicidin B
(CAS: 150973-78-7)

A pyranone isolated from streptomyces sp.; a potent autoregulator of the sporulation of the producing strain, and spores of closely related species

CAS 139601-96-0 Enopeptin A

Enopeptin A
(CAS: 139601-96-0)

An unusual depsipeptide featuring a pentaenone side chain; reported as an antiviral; has potent antibacterial activity against gram positive and gram negative b...

CAS 98813-13-9 Bafilomycin D

Bafilomycin D
(CAS: 98813-13-9)

A member of a potent family of macrocyclic lactones; shares the same mode of action as bafilomycin A1 which has been the analogue of choice in cell biology stud...

CAS 7561-71-9 Trinactin

(CAS: 7561-71-9)

A member of the macrotetrolide complex produced by a range of streptomyces sp.; a monovalent cation ionophore with high selectivity for ammonium and potassium; ...

CAS 12071-83-9 Propineb

(CAS: 12071-83-9)

An agricultural broad-spectrum fungicide protectant from the dithiocarbamate group of compounds; introduced to the plant by foliar application, usually in a spr...

LL-37 (human) trifluoroacetate salt
(CAS: 597562-32-8)

A naturally-occuring antimicrobial peptide that is part of the innate host immune system; associated with the epidermis and protects the host from bacterial inf...

CAS 25999-20-6 Lasalocid sodium

Lasalocid sodium
(CAS: 25999-20-6)

A polyether ionophore with potent antibacterial activity; an animal health product for treatment of coccidia

CAS 18361-46-1 Leucomycin A4

Leucomycin A4
(CAS: 18361-46-1)

A major metabolite from the leucomycin complex; one of the more potent antibiotics of the complex; an animal health product for control of gram positive bacteri...

CAS 11015-37-5 Moenomycin complex

Moenomycin complex
(CAS: 11015-37-5)

A mixture of five major components, A, A12, C1, C3 and C4; isolated from several strains of streptomyces; has potent antibiotic activity used in animal health

CAS 59277-89-3 Acycloguanosine (Acyclovir)

Acycloguanosine (Acyclovir)
(CAS: 59277-89-3)

A synthetic purine nucleoside analog; used as an antiviral medication for the treatment of herpes simplex virus (HSV), shingles, and chickenpox.

CAS 127-79-7 Sulfamerazine

(CAS: 127-79-7)

A bacteriostatic sulfonamide antibiotic

CAS 64-75-5 Tetracycline hydrochloride

Tetracycline hydrochloride
(CAS: 64-75-5)

A salt prepared from tetracycline; the preferred formulation for pharmaceutical applications; has broad spectrum antibacterial and antiprotozoan activity by bin...

CAS 50-65-7 Niclosamide anhydrous

Niclosamide anhydrous
(CAS: 50-65-7)

Commonly known as an antihelminthic drug used in the treatment of tapeworms; also be used as a molluscicide in water treatmen; shows anticancer activity

Sporidesmolide complex
(CAS: 11113-90-9)

A family of five closely related cyclic depsipeptides; sporidesmolide complex contains three dominant components, I, II and V, with lesser quantities of the mor...

CAS 21411-53-0 Ostreogrycin A

Ostreogrycin A
(CAS: 21411-53-0)

The major component of the virginiamycin complex; a macrocyclic lactone antibiotic that acts synergistically with the structurally unrelated cyclic depsipeptide...

CAS 65195-55-3 Avermectin B1a

Avermectin B1a
(CAS: 65195-55-3)

The major component (>80%) of a commercially available anthelmintic used to control parasitic nematodes in livestock

CAS 121569-61-7 UCN-02

(CAS: 121569-61-7)

An indolocarbazole isolated from a high staurosporine-producing streptomyces culture as a minor co-metabolite

Orfamide B
(CAS: 939960-35-7)

A component of a family of cyclic lipopeptides produced by pseudomonas fluorescens

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