Bromopride - CAS 4093-35-0
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Category: Inhibitor
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Molecular Weight:
Dopamine Receptor
Bromopride is a dopamine antagonist with prokinetic properties, widely used as an antiemetic.
White Solid
Bromopride; VAL 13081; VA- 13081; VAL13081; 4-amino-5-bromo-n-(2-(diethylamino)ethyl)-2-methoxy-benzamid;4-amino-5-bromo-n-(2-(diethylamino)ethyl)-o-anisamid;4-Amino-5-bromo-N-[2-(diethylamino)ethyl]-2-methoxybenzamide;Artomey;Benzamide, 4-amino-5-bromo-N-[2-(diethylamino)ethyl]-2-methoxy-;Bromopr
Soluble in DMSO
Store at 2-8 °C
A dopamine antagonist
Quality Standard:
Enterprise Standard
Shelf Life:
As supplied, 2 years from the QC date provided on the Certificate of Analysis, when stored properly
Boiling Point:
435.8 ºC at 760mmHg
Melting Point:
148-150 ºC
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Current Developer:
1.Case-crossover study of Burkholderia cepacia complex bloodstream infection associated with contaminated intravenous bromopride.
Martins IS1, Pellegrino FL, Freitas Ad, Santos Mda S, Ferraiuoli GI, Vasques MR, Amorim EL, Oliveira S, Nouér SA, Cardoso FL, Mascarenhas LA, Magalhães AC, Cleinman IB, Figueiredo AM, Moreira BM. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. 2010 May;31(5):516-21. doi: 10.1086/651667.
OBJECTIVE: To investigate an outbreak of healthcare-associated Burkholderia cepacia complex (BCC) primary bloodstream infections (BCC-BSI).
2.Effects of prokinetic drugs on the abdominal wall wound healing of rats submitted to segmental colectomy and colonic anastomosis.
Morais PH1, Silva NG, Oliveira MV, Brandão AM, Silva SM, Carneiro FP, Sousa JB. Acta Cir Bras. 2012 Jul;27(7):448-53.
PURPOSE: To assess the effect of prokinetic agents on abdominal wall wound healing in rats submitted to segmental colectomy and colonic anastomosis.
3.Validated method for determination of bromopride in human plasma by liquid chromatography--electrospray tandem mass spectrometry: application to the bioequivalence study.
Nazare P1, Massaroti P, Duarte LF, Campos DR, Marchioretto MA, Bernasconi G, Calafatti S, Barros FA, Meurer EC, Pedrazzoli J, Moraes LA. J Mass Spectrom. 2005 Sep;40(9):1197-202.
A simple, sensitive and specific liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method for the quantification of bromopride I in human plasma is presented. Sample preparation consisted of the addition of procainamide II as the internal standard, liquid-liquid extraction in alkaline conditions using hexane-ethyl acetate (1 : 1, v/v) as the extracting solvent, followed by centrifugation, evaporation of the solvent and sample reconstitution in acetonitrile. Both I and II (internal standard, IS) were analyzed using a C18 column and the mobile-phase acetonitrile-water (formic acid 0.1%). The eluted compounds were monitored using electrospray tandem mass spectrometry. The analyses were carried out by multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) using the parent-to-daughter combinations of m/z 344.20 > 271.00 and m/z 236.30 > 163.10. The areas of peaks from analyte and IS were used for quantification of I. The achieved limit of quantification was 1.
4.Effects of bromopride on the healing of left colonic anastomoses in rats with induced abdominal sepsis.
Silva SM1, Carneiro FP, Oliveira PG, Morais PH, Silva NG, Sousa JB. Acta Cir Bras. 2012 Jun;27(6):370-5.
PURPOSE: To evaluate the effects of bromopride on the healing of left colonic anastomoses in rats with induced abdominal sepsis.
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CAS 4093-35-0 Bromopride

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