Bithionol - CAS 97-18-7
Category: Metabolites
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An anti-parasitic drug; has anti-ovarian cancer properties
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CAS 74011-58-8 Enoxacin

(CAS: 74011-58-8)

A fluoroquinolone antibiotic with a broad spectrum (gram-positive and gram-negative) of activity; used to treat urinary tract infections and gonorrhea

CAS 868540-17-4 Carfilzomib

(CAS: 868540-17-4)

An anti-cancer tetrapeptide epoxyketone drug; used for the treatment of multiple myeloma

CAS 75567-37-2 Ingenol-3-mebutate

(CAS: 75567-37-2)

An anticancer agent isolated from euphorbia peplus used in the treatment of actinic keratosis; has ability to promote proapoptotic effects in the cell while inh...

Anhydroophiobolin A
(CAS: 6026-65-9)

The dehydrated analogue of ophiobolin A; a major member of the ophiobolin complex of phytotoxic metabolites produced by many species of the genus bipolaris; pos...

CAS 5234-68-4 Carboxin

(CAS: 5234-68-4)

An anilide fungicide; used agriculturally to protect seeds from disease by application prior to planting


An antimicrobial peptide (AMP) expressed in human sweat glands and is part of the human bodys innate immune defense

CAS 71376-34-6 Moniliformin

(CAS: 71376-34-6)

Moniliformin, a kind of water-soluble mycotoxin, could be obtained from sorts of Fusarium and has been found to exhibit toxicity to splenocytes, cardiac and ske...

CAS 15985-39-4 L-Methionine [R,S]-Sulfoximine

L-Methionine [R,S]-Sulfoximine
(CAS: 15985-39-4)

An inhibitor of the enzyme, glutamine synthetase (GS)

CAS 6537-80-0 Chicoric acid

Chicoric acid
(CAS: 6537-80-0)

A naturally occurring hydroxycinnamic acid compound with anti HIV properties

CAS 122547-49-3 Faropenem sodium

Faropenem sodium
(CAS: 122547-49-3)

A broad spectrum beta-lactam antibiotic belonging to the penem antibiotic class


A base-catalysed intermediate in the decomposition of doramectin; formed by epimerisation at the 2-position which ultimately rearranges irreversibly to the isom...

CAS 35354-74-6 Honokiol

(CAS: 35354-74-6)

A bioactive component of magnolia obovata, known for its medicinal properties in traditional asian medicine; has promising antitumor activity; induces apoptosis...

CAS 4611-05-6 Ophiobolin A

Ophiobolin A
(CAS: 4611-05-6)

The dominant member of a class of phytotoxic metabolites produced by plant pathogenic fungi

(CAS: 75923-01-2)

A 10-membered macrocyclic lactone isolated from nocardia; exhibits potent activity against gram positive bacteria; has been shown to enhance retinoate-induced c...

CAS 152044-53-6 Epothilone A

Epothilone A
(CAS: 152044-53-6)

A microtubule inhibitor isolated from the myxobacteria, sorangium cellulosu; acts by stabilising microtubule formation at the taxol binding site, and causes cel...


Thiourea derivative; synthesized from 1,3-thiazole. 1-cycolohexyl-3-(1,3-thiazole-2-yl)thiourea; has activity against HIV-1 and CVB-5 virus

CAS 13127-18-9 Clarithromycin related compound J

Clarithromycin related compound J
(CAS: 13127-18-9)

An impurity found in the macrolide antibiotic, clarithromycin

Dihydroaeruginoic acid
(CAS: 143209-04-5)

A simple aromatic siderophore produced by several species of pseudomonas; exhibits antibacterial, antifungal and antitumor activity.

CAS 56796-39-5 Cefmetazole sodium

Cefmetazole sodium
(CAS: 56796-39-5)

A broad spectrum second generation cephalosporin antibiotic

CAS 8018-01-7 Mancozeb

(CAS: 8018-01-7)

A broad-spectrum fungicide; used professionally for agricultural and landscaping purposes

Chemical Structure

CAS 97-18-7 Bithionol

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