Bithionol - CAS 97-18-7
Category: Metabolites
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An anti-parasitic drug; has anti-ovarian cancer properties
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CAS 79-63-0 Lanosterol

(CAS: 79-63-0)

Lanosterol is a sterol cholesterol precursor found in Mushroom Inonotus obliquus.

CAS 4199-88-6 Nitroferroin

(CAS: 4199-88-6)

A high potential oxidation-reduction indicator; recentl; has antibacterial effects against clostridium difficile (C. Diff); highly effective in vitro and agains...

CAS 216590-44-2 Actinotetraose Hexatiglate

Actinotetraose Hexatiglate
(CAS: 216590-44-2)

A unique tetrasaccharide with six tiglate esters isolated from an unidentified amycolatopsis culture; a potent antitumour agent.

CAS 478-60-4 Citromycetin

(CAS: 478-60-4)

Independently isolated and named from a number of different fungal species during the 1930s to 1950s; active against gram positive bacteria

Sch 725674
(CAS: 877061-66-0)

A macrocyclic lactone structurally related to gloeosporone; a self-germination inhibitor produced by colletotrichum gloeosporioides; exhibit moderate antifungal...

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A member of the beta-lactam antibiotics; one of the first discovered antibiotics

Doramectin aglycone

An acid degradation product produced by hydrolysis of the disaccharide unit of doramectin; an inhibitor of nematode larval development; devoid of paralytic acti...

CAS 94-75-7 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid

2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
(CAS: 94-75-7)

A synthetic auxin, a class of plant growth regulators; almost insoluble in water, but soluble in organic solvents; considered a dangerous good

Oritavancin diphosphate
(CAS: 192564-14-0)

A semisynthetic vancomycin analogue active against gram-positive bacteria; has a secondary mode of action that allows it to remain active against vancomycin-res...

CAS 19408-46-9 Kasugamycin hydrochloride

Kasugamycin hydrochloride
(CAS: 19408-46-9)

A broad spectrum antifungal used against yeast and pathogenic fungi such as M. Grisea

CAS 680571-51-1 Kigamicin C

Kigamicin C
(CAS: 680571-51-1)

Selectively kills PANC-1 cells (a pancreatic cell line) at concentrations 100 times lower under nutrient starved conditions than in normal conditions; active in...

CAS 55-56-1 Chlorhexidine

(CAS: 55-56-1)

An antiseptic antibacterial agent commonly used as a disinfectant in eye drops, deodorants, creams

Δ2 -Avermectin B1a

An irreversible base degradation product of avermectin found in animal treated with avermectin and in the environment; formed by rearrangement of the naturally-...

CAS 446-72-0 Genistein

(CAS: 446-72-0)

Genistein, a kind of isoflavone compound, has been found to restrain protein tyrosine kinases as well as topoisomerase II activity and exhibit anticancer and an...

CAS 2538-68-3 Tubermycin B

Tubermycin B
(CAS: 2538-68-3)

A simple phenazine produced by several species of pseudomonas and actinomycetes; a weakly active antibacterial compound; plays a role in the biocontrol of plant...

CAS 488-93-7 Furan-3-carboxylic acid

Furan-3-carboxylic acid
(CAS: 488-93-7)

Furan-3-carboxylic acid is produced from Corynebacterium.

CAS 12071-83-9 Propineb

(CAS: 12071-83-9)

An agricultural broad-spectrum fungicide protectant from the dithiocarbamate group of compounds; introduced to the plant by foliar application, usually in a spr...

CAS 5104-49-4 Flurbiprofen

(CAS: 5104-49-4)

A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used in the treatment of arthritis and tendinitis and soft tissue injuries

CAS 27483-18-7 Cyclo(D-Val-L-Pro)

(CAS: 27483-18-7)

Cyclo(D-Val-L-Pro) is a cyclodipeptide found in Phellinus igniarius.

Chemical Structure

CAS 97-18-7 Bithionol

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