Bicyclomycin - CAS 38129-37-2
Catalog number: 38129-37-2
Category: Metabolites
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A polar metabolite first isolated from streptomyces sapporonensis
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>95% by HPLC
White solid
Bicozamycin, Aizumycin, Bacteron, CGP 3543E, WS4545, 5879
Soluble in ethanol, methanol, DMF or DMSO. Good water solubility.
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CAS 88979-61-7 Bafilomycin C1

Bafilomycin C1
(CAS: 88979-61-7)

A member of a potent family of macrocyclic lactones; broadly active against bacteria, fungi, insects, nematodes and cestodes; a potential agent for treating ost...

CAS 64058-48-6 Spectinomycin sulfate

Spectinomycin sulfate
(CAS: 64058-48-6)

An aminocyclitol antibiotic similar to aminoglycosides

Germicidin A
(CAS: 151271-57-7)

A pyranone isolated from streptomyces sp.; an extremely potent autoregulator of the sporulation of the producing strain, and spores of closely related species

CAS 91700-91-3 TAN 420C

TAN 420C
(CAS: 91700-91-3)

A minor analogue of the herbimycin complex; isolated from streptomyces hygroscopicus; exhibits antitumour activity


A small secondary metabolite formed by the dimerisation of pyrrole-2-carboxylic acid; produced by many streptomyces species; an important dereplication standard...

CAS 87-11-6 Thiolutin

(CAS: 87-11-6)

Thiolutin, a natural dithiol compound, has been found to restrin the bacterial RNA polymerase as well as the angiogenesis caused by tumor cells.

CAS 102130-84-7 Nemadectin

(CAS: 102130-84-7)

The dominant member of a class of milbemycins; shows pronounced nematocidal and insecticidal activity

CAS 144860-70-8 Reveromycin D

Reveromycin D
(CAS: 144860-70-8)

The isopentyl analogue and a minor component of the reveromycin complex; isolated from a streptomyces sp.; more active than its straight chain analogue, reverom...

CAS 141196-69-2 7-Oxostaurosporine

(CAS: 141196-69-2)

The oxidised and highly fluorescent analogue of UCN-01 and UCN-02; a potent inhibitor of protein kinase C and formation of cellular blebs induced by phorbols; i...

CAS 112953-11-4 UCN-01

(CAS: 112953-11-4)

An indolocarbazole isolated from a high staurosporine-producing streptomyces culture; inhibits protein kinase C (PKC) and cyclin-dependant kinase 2 (CDK2), resu...

CAS 53797-35-6 Ribostamycin sulfate

Ribostamycin sulfate
(CAS: 53797-35-6)

An aminoglycoside antibiotic

CAS 28643-80-3 Nigericin sodium

Nigericin sodium
(CAS: 28643-80-3)

The atypical salt of nigericin

CAS 2058-46-0 Oxytetracycline hydrochloride

Oxytetracycline hydrochloride
(CAS: 2058-46-0)

A salt prepared from oxytetracycline; the preferred formulation for pharmaceutical applications; shows broad spectrum antibacterial and antiprotozoan activity b...

CAS 303-81-1 Novobiocin

(CAS: 303-81-1)

An aminocoumarin antibiotic isolated from a number of species of streptomyces; exhibits broad spectrum gram positive activity; a potent inhibitor of bacterial D...

CAS 133352-27-9 Lydicamycin

(CAS: 133352-27-9)

Belongs to a novel structural class with highly selective antibiotic activit; highly active against MRSA; closely related to BN 4515N which was isolated from a ...

CAS 11052-72-5 Oligomycin C

Oligomycin C
(CAS: 11052-72-5)

A minor component of the oligomycin complex isolated from selected strains of streptomyces; an inhibitor of mitochondrial F1F0-atpase

CAS 28380-24-7 Nigericin

(CAS: 28380-24-7)

A polyether antibiotic produced by streptomyces, notably S. Hygroscopicus; an ionophore, possessing very high affinity for monovalent cations such as na+ and K+...

CAS 512-64-1 Quinomycin A

Quinomycin A
(CAS: 512-64-1)

A cyclic depsipeptide metabolite; has broad activity against bacteria, fungi and viruses; an antitumour agent by bifunctional intercalation of nucleic acids; an...

CAS 87081-36-5 Leptomycin A

Leptomycin A
(CAS: 87081-36-5)

A methyl analogue of leptomycin B, is a minor component of the leptomycin complex produced by selected streptomyces species; a potent inhibitor of the nuclear t...

CAS 37248-47-8 Validamycin A

Validamycin A
(CAS: 37248-47-8)

The major analogue of a family of cyclitol disaccharides; isolated from streptomyces hygroscopicus var. Limoneus; a potent antifungal agent; used to control fun...

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CAS 38129-37-2 Bicyclomycin

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