Bicyclomycin - CAS 38129-37-2
Catalog number: 38129-37-2
Category: Metabolites
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A polar metabolite first isolated from streptomyces sapporonensis
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>95% by HPLC
White solid
Bicozamycin, Aizumycin, Bacteron, CGP 3543E, WS4545, 5879
Soluble in ethanol, methanol, DMF or DMSO. Good water solubility.
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CAS 137071-32-0 Pimecrolimus

(CAS: 137071-32-0)

A semi-synthetic, macrocyclic lactone derived from ascomycin; for treatment of inflammatory skin disorders; binds to receptor protein, FKBP12; binds to mtor pre...

CAS 2001-95-8 Valinomycin

(CAS: 2001-95-8)

A hydrophobic cyclodepsipeptide with potent antitumour activity; a highly selective potassium ionophore; a biosensor to detect to detect potassium efflux.

CAS 1404-90-6 Vancomycin

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A bactericidal glycopeptide antibiotic; used to treat infections caused by multi drug resistant bacteria including methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (...

CAS 3922-90-5 Oleandomycin

(CAS: 3922-90-5)

A 16-membered macrocyclic lactone; has broad spectrum antibacterial activity

RK-682 calcium salt (2:1)
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A dimeric calcium complex of the major analogue of tetronic acid complex isolated from streptomyces; inhibits protein tyrosine phosphatases, phospoholipase A2, ...

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(CAS: 209335-49-9)

An amphoteric, 13-member, linear peptide featuring 3,5-dihydroxyphenylalanine and a terminal dicarboxylate amino acid; isolated from a streptomyces; a potent an...

Germicidin B
(CAS: 150973-78-7)

A pyranone isolated from streptomyces sp.; a potent autoregulator of the sporulation of the producing strain, and spores of closely related species

CAS 158792-27-9 Geninthiocin

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A thiopeptide antibiotic isolated from a streptomyces sp.; a potent activator of the tipa gene; a bacterial transcription regulator involved in multidrug resist...

(CAS: 866022-28-8)

A selective inhibitor of type II fatty acid synthesis (FASII) with IC50 values of 11.4 and 35.3 μg/ml in the S. Aureus and E. Coli FASII assays, respectively, w...

CAS 121569-61-7 UCN-02

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An indolocarbazole isolated from a high staurosporine-producing streptomyces culture as a minor co-metabolite

CAS 1400-61-9 Nystatin A1

Nystatin A1
(CAS: 1400-61-9)

Polyene antifungal; binds to sterols in the fungal cell membrane leading to formation of ion channels in the wall, ion imbalance and cell death; an established ...

CAS 18378-89-7 Mithramycin A

Mithramycin A
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The first of the aureolic acid class of antitumour antibiotics; isolated from streptomyces; inhibits transcription and protein synthesis by non-covalent binding...

A 54556B
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An unusual depsipeptide isolated from streptomyces hawaiiensis as antibiotics; a potent antibacterial against gram positive and gram negative bacteria including...

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A semi-synthetic macrocyclic lactone; prepared from rapamycin by preparation of the 42-triflate ester; binds to a receptor protein (FKBP12) then binds to preven...

CAS 2738-64-9 Piericidin A

Piericidin A
(CAS: 2738-64-9)

The major analogue of a family of pyridyl antibiotics isolated from selected streptomyces species; a specific, potent inhibitor of NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductas...

CAS 87081-35-4 Leptomycin B

Leptomycin B
(CAS: 87081-35-4)

Leptomycin B, isolated from Streptomyces sp., is a potent and specific nuclear export inhibitor, and class II histone deacetylase inhibitor. Leptomycin B direct...

CAS 25316-40-9 Doxorubicin hydrochloride

Doxorubicin hydrochloride
(CAS: 25316-40-9)

An antitumour agent that has been formulated as a salt to achieve higher water solubility; physicochemical properties and chromatographic behaviour will depend ...

CAS 574-95-8 Aureothricin

(CAS: 574-95-8)

An antibiotic; a more hydrophobic analogue of thiolutin

CAS 30408-30-1 Nybomycin

(CAS: 30408-30-1)

An unusual heterocyclic metabolite isolated from several streptomyces species; possesses antiviral and antibacterial activity

Chemical Structure

CAS 38129-37-2 Bicyclomycin

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