Bialaphos sodium - bar gene selective agent - CAS 71048-99-2
Category: Metabolites
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A freely soluble herbicide synthesized by streptomyces hygroscopicus and streptomyces viridochromeogenes; considered a dangerous good
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Pale orange-colored powder
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Chromomycin A2
(CAS: 6992-70-7)

A minor, more hydrophobic analogue of the chromomycin complex of the aureolic acid class; originally isolated from S. Aburaviensis and named aburamycin; exhibit...

CAS 83852-56-6 Chrysomycin B

Chrysomycin B
(CAS: 83852-56-6)

A minor analogue in a complex of C-glycoside antitumour actives isolated from streptomyces; less active than its vinyl analogue (chrysomycin A); may act as phot...

L 156602
(CAS: 125528-51-5)

A cyclic hexapeptide isolated from a strain of streptomyces; belongs to the aurantimycin class; active against gram positive bacteria; a competitive binding inh...

CAS 22388-89-2 Luteoreticulin

(CAS: 22388-89-2)

A rare nitrophenyl pyranone closely related to aureothin, neoaureothin and its unusual photoisomers SNF4435C and SNF4435D

CAS 136803-89-9 10-Desmethoxystreptonigrin

(CAS: 136803-89-9)

A close analogue of streptonigrin; produced by selected streptomyces species; a moderately potent inhibitor of farnesylation of RAS P21 protein, 3-fold more act...

CAS 16846-34-7 Leucomycin A1

Leucomycin A1
(CAS: 16846-34-7)

A major metabolite from the leucomycin complex; an animal health product for control of gram positive bacteria, gram negative cocci, leptospira and mycoplasma

Drimentine B
(CAS: 204398-91-4)

Belongs to a novel class of antibiotics, possessing a new terpenylated diketopiperazine structure, with antibiotic, antifungal and anthelmintic activity

CAS 6833-84-7 Nonactin

(CAS: 6833-84-7)

The smallest member of the macrotetrolide complex produced by a range of streptomyces species; a monovalent cation ionophore with high selectivity for ammonium ...

CAS 11003-38-6 Capreomycin

(CAS: 11003-38-6)

A complex of cyclic pentopeptides isolated from streptomyces capreolus; a potent antibiotic with activity against mycobateria, and gram positive and negative or...

CAS 6153-64-6 Oxytetracycline dihydrate

Oxytetracycline dihydrate
(CAS: 6153-64-6)

The second discovered tetracycline antibiotic

Chloramphenicol acetate
(CAS: 10318-16-8)

A naturally-occurring co-metabolite of chloramphenicol in streptomyces venezuelae with albeit significantly lower potency; the major product of chloramphenicol ...

CAS 28643-80-3 Nigericin sodium

Nigericin sodium
(CAS: 28643-80-3)

The atypical salt of nigericin

CAS 7059-24-7 Chromomycin A3

Chromomycin A3
(CAS: 7059-24-7)

The major component of the chromomycin complex of the aureolic acid class; isolated from several streptomyces species; exhibits a broad biological profile as an...

CAS 58944-73-3 Sinefungin

(CAS: 58944-73-3)

A polar nucleoside antifungal active with broad biological activity; isolated from a number of species of streptomyces; acts by inhibiting a wide range of methy...

CAS 29706-96-5 Resistoflavine

(CAS: 29706-96-5)

A rare, boat-shaped, pentacyclic polyketide isolated from several species of streptomyces; exhibits weak antibacterial activity against gram positive and gram n...

CAS 51596-10-2 Milbemycin A3

Milbemycin A3
(CAS: 51596-10-2)

A complex family of macrocyclic lactones; a major member of a group of analogues containing a 25-methyl substituent; a highly selective and potent nematocide an...

CAS 80890-47-7 Concanamycin A

Concanamycin A
(CAS: 80890-47-7)

The major analogue of the concanamycin complex produced by streptomyces sp.; a potent and specific vacuolar-atpase inhibitor; inhibits the acidification of orga...

(CAS: 91021-66-8)

A potent nematocide and insecticide belonging to the bafilomycin class

CAS 88580-27-2 Deacetylravidomycin

(CAS: 88580-27-2)

The more active and stable analogue of the ravidomycin complex produced by streptomyces ravidus; the metabolite shows potent, light-dependent antitumour activit...

(CAS: 7861-93-8)

A macrocyclic tetraene originally isolated from streptomyces natalensis;n exhibits broad spectrum antifungal activity against yeast and filamentous fungi by bin...

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CAS 71048-99-2 Bialaphos sodium - bar gene selective agent

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