Bialaphos sodium - bar gene selective agent - CAS 71048-99-2
Category: Metabolites
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A freely soluble herbicide synthesized by streptomyces hygroscopicus and streptomyces viridochromeogenes; considered a dangerous good
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Pale orange-colored powder
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CAS 100513-53-9 Blasticidin A

Blasticidin A
(CAS: 100513-53-9)

A high molecular weight tetramic acid with broad spectrum antifungal and antibacterial activity; isolated as the stable calcium salt/complex

CAS 102130-84-7 Nemadectin

(CAS: 102130-84-7)

The dominant member of a class of milbemycins; shows pronounced nematocidal and insecticidal activity

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A freely soluble (25 mg/ml) aminoglycoside antibiotic; binds the deep groove of RNA and effectively inhibits ribosomal translocation prohibiting protein synthes...

CAS 88899-56-3 Bafilomycin B1

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A member of a potent family of macrocyclic lactones; broadly active against bacteria, fungi, insects, nematodes and protozoans; a potential agent for treating o...

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The isopentyl analogue and a minor component of the reveromycin complex; isolated from a streptomyces sp.; more active than its straight chain analogue, reverom...

Oligomycin E
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A minor metabolite from the oligomycin complex produced by several species of streptomyces; exhibits weak antibacterial activity and is considerably weaker as a...

CAS 869898-86-2 Platencin

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A novel, broad spectrum, gram-positive antibiotic produced by strains of streptomyces platensis; shows potent in vivo efficacy without any observed toxicity; ta...

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CAS 117615-33-5 Deethylindanomycin

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An unusual pyrrollic ionophore related to indanomycin, with activity against gram positive bacteria and coccidia

CAS 82196-88-1 Chrysomycin A

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(CAS: 82196-88-1)

The major analogue in a complex of C-glycoside antitumour actives isolated from streptomyces; an inhibitor of the catalytic activity of human topoisomerase II; ...

(CAS: 51053-40-8)

An unusual pentaenone tetramic acid first isolated from streptomyces aureofaciens; has potent gram positive antibacterial activity with no activity against fung...

CAS 522-70-3 Antimycin A3

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A homologue of the antimycin complex, first isolated in 1958 from streptomyces blastimyceticus and co-produced with antimycin A4; a more polar analogue of A1 an...

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An aminoglycoside antibiotic

CAS 7184-60-3 Borrelidin

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An unusual nitrile-containing metabolite isolated from streptomyces; originally discovered as active against borrelia species; a selective inhibitor of bacteria...

CAS 25999-31-9 Lasalocid

(CAS: 25999-31-9)

A polyether ionophore with potent antibacterial activity isolated from streptomyces lasaliensis; an animal health product for treatment of coccidi

CAS 1393-48-2 Thiostrepton

(CAS: 1393-48-2)

A macrocyclic antibiotic incorporating thiazoles; an antibiotic by binding to ribosomes to prevent the binding of the EF-G elongation factor and GTP to the 50S ...

CAS 27958-06-1 Deacetylanisomycin

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The core structure of a family of dihydroxypyrrolidines produced by several species of streptomyces; potent inhibitors of protein synthesis; a potent growth reg...

CAS 1404-59-7 Oligomycin D

Oligomycin D
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Macrocyclic lactone belonging to the oligomycin class but identified from different species of streptomyces; inhibits mitochondrial F1F0-atpase; an important bi...

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CAS 71048-99-2 Bialaphos sodium - bar gene selective agent

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