Bialaphos sodium - bar gene selective agent - CAS 71048-99-2
Category: Metabolites
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A freely soluble herbicide synthesized by streptomyces hygroscopicus and streptomyces viridochromeogenes; considered a dangerous good
Pale orange-colored powder
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CAS 37318-06-2 Elaiophylin

(CAS: 37318-06-2)

A highly characteristic metabolite produced by streptomyces hygroscopicus; inhibits testosterone 5-reductase; synergistic with its co-metabolite, rapamycin, as ...

CAS 37248-47-8 Validamycin A

Validamycin A
(CAS: 37248-47-8)

The major analogue of a family of cyclitol disaccharides; isolated from streptomyces hygroscopicus var. Limoneus; a potent antifungal agent; used to control fun...

CAS 98813-13-9 Bafilomycin D

Bafilomycin D
(CAS: 98813-13-9)

A member of a potent family of macrocyclic lactones; shares the same mode of action as bafilomycin A1 which has been the analogue of choice in cell biology stud...

CAS 13640-26-1 Pimprinine

(CAS: 13640-26-1)

An indole alkaloid produced by many species of streptomyces; a potent inhibitor of monoamine oxidase; showed promising anticonvulsant activity in electric seizu...

CAS 53123-88-9 Rapamycin

(CAS: 53123-88-9)

A triene macrolide; a metabolite of streptomyces hygroscopicus; displayed potent and selective antifungal activity, notably against candida albicans; inhibits t...

CAS 81552-33-2 Concanamycin B

Concanamycin B
(CAS: 81552-33-2)

A macrocyclic lactone originally isolated from streptomyces diastatochromogenes; a potent inhibitor of the proliferation of mouse splenic lymphocytes stimulated...

CAS 25999-20-6 Lasalocid sodium

Lasalocid sodium
(CAS: 25999-20-6)

A polyether ionophore with potent antibacterial activity; an animal health product for treatment of coccidia

CAS 80890-47-7 Concanamycin A

Concanamycin A
(CAS: 80890-47-7)

The major analogue of the concanamycin complex produced by streptomyces sp.; a potent and specific vacuolar-atpase inhibitor; inhibits the acidification of orga...

CAS 82189-03-5 Ansatrienin A

Ansatrienin A
(CAS: 82189-03-5)

Isolated from a streptomyces sp.; closely related to the cytotrienins and trienomycins; potent activity against tumour cell lines and inhibits osteoclastic bone...

CAS 76896-80-5 Triacsin C

Triacsin C
(CAS: 76896-80-5)

<br/><br/>Triacsin C, an polyunsaturated fatty acid derivative, has been found to be an acyl-CoA synthetase inhibitor as well as an effective vasodilator.

CAS 574-95-8 Aureothricin

(CAS: 574-95-8)

An antibiotic; a more hydrophobic analogue of thiolutin

CAS 21802-37-9 Caerulomycin

(CAS: 21802-37-9)

A rare and unusual antibiotic containing a core 2, 2’-bispyridyl with an oxime substituent, produced by a strain of streptomyces caeruleus; active against fungi...

CAS 18883-66-4 Streptozotocin

(CAS: 18883-66-4)

An unusual aminoglycoside containing a nitrosoamino group produced by streptomyces achromogenes; an antibiotic; a nitric oxide (NO) donor; widely used to induce...

CAS 87-11-6 Thiolutin

(CAS: 87-11-6)

Thiolutin, a natural dithiol compound, has been found to restrin the bacterial RNA polymerase as well as the angiogenesis caused by tumor cells.

CAS 55721-31-8 Salinomycin sodium

Salinomycin sodium
(CAS: 55721-31-8)

Prepared from salinomycin taking advantage of the acidic carboxylic acid which ionises and readily forms the salt in sodium hydroxide solutions; has a high affi...

CAS 100513-53-9 Blasticidin A

Blasticidin A
(CAS: 100513-53-9)

A high molecular weight tetramic acid with broad spectrum antifungal and antibacterial activity; isolated as the stable calcium salt/complex

CAS 58798-97-3 Berninamycin A

Berninamycin A
(CAS: 58798-97-3)

An antibiotic discovered in 1976 from a strain of streptomyces

CAS 2825-00-5 Aureothin

(CAS: 2825-00-5)

An unusual pyranone metabolite; has broad biological actions including antitumour, antimicrobial and insecticidal activities; a potent inhibitor of helicobacter...

CAS 77879-90-4 Gilvocarcin V

Gilvocarcin V
(CAS: 77879-90-4)

The major analogue of a complex of C-glycoside antitumour actives isolated from a streptomyces sp.; contains a vinyl group in the 8-position; an inhibitor of th...

CAS 183202-73-5 Kendomycin

(CAS: 183202-73-5)

An unusual macrocyclic metabolite containing a rare quinone methide group; a potent antibacterial agent against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, includ...

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CAS 71048-99-2 Bialaphos sodium - bar gene selective agent

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