Bafilomycin C1 - CAS 88979-61-7
Catalog number: 88979-61-7
Category: Metabolites
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A member of a potent family of macrocyclic lactones; broadly active against bacteria, fungi, insects, nematodes and cestodes; a potential agent for treating osteoporosis
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>95% by HPLC
White powder
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CAS 6834-98-6 Lagosin

(CAS: 6834-98-6)

A pentaene antifungal produced by streptomyces; exhibits broad spectrum antifungal and antitumor activity and, like filipin, acts via interaction with cell memb...

CAS 1400-61-9 Nystatin A1

Nystatin A1
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Polyene antifungal; binds to sterols in the fungal cell membrane leading to formation of ion channels in the wall, ion imbalance and cell death; an established ...

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An aminoglycoside antibiotic

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The first of the aureolic acid class of antitumour antibiotics; isolated from streptomyces; inhibits transcription and protein synthesis by non-covalent binding...

CAS 25999-31-9 Lasalocid

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A gamma-pyrone compound isolated from a streptomyces sp.; selective (>10E6 fold) and potent (MIC 0.0001 μg/ml) activity against helicobacter pylor; with coronar...

CAS 3513-03-9 Blasticidin S

Blasticidin S
(CAS: 3513-03-9)

Blasticidin S, a sort of peptidyl nucleoside antibiotic, could be obtained by Streptomyces griseochromogenes and has been found to have effect in restraining th...

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(CAS: 54526-94-2)

An anthracycline metabolite isolated from a streptomyces sp.; has antibacterial and antineoplastic properties; has a higher cpg base sequence specificity over t...

CAS 137071-32-0 Pimecrolimus

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A semi-synthetic, macrocyclic lactone derived from ascomycin; for treatment of inflammatory skin disorders; binds to receptor protein, FKBP12; binds to mtor pre...

CAS 56092-81-0 Ionomycin

(CAS: 56092-81-0)

Isolated from streptomyces conglobatus as a potent gram positive antibiotic; exhibits a very high affinity and selectivity for calcium ions as a calcium ionopho...

(CAS: 209335-49-9)

An amphoteric, 13-member, linear peptide featuring 3,5-dihydroxyphenylalanine and a terminal dicarboxylate amino acid; isolated from a streptomyces; a potent an...

Oligomycin E
(CAS: 110231-34-0)

A minor metabolite from the oligomycin complex produced by several species of streptomyces; exhibits weak antibacterial activity and is considerably weaker as a...

Virginiamycin B

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CAS 52665-69-7 Calcimycin

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A potent calcium ionophore isolated from streptomyces chartreusis in 1974; a spiroketal substituted by pyrollic and benzoxazolyl groups which afford its high af...

Germicidin A
(CAS: 151271-57-7)

A pyranone isolated from streptomyces sp.; an extremely potent autoregulator of the sporulation of the producing strain, and spores of closely related species

CAS 82189-04-6 Ansatrienin B

Ansatrienin B
(CAS: 82189-04-6)

Isolated from a streptomyces sp.; closely related to the cytotrienins and trienomycins; displays potent activity against tumour cell lines and inhibits osteocla...

CAS 22388-89-2 Luteoreticulin

(CAS: 22388-89-2)

A rare nitrophenyl pyranone closely related to aureothin, neoaureothin and its unusual photoisomers SNF4435C and SNF4435D

Phenelfamycin E
(CAS: 114451-31-9)

The major analogue of the phenelfamycin complex produced by several species of strepyomyces; potent antibiotics with good activity against gram positive bacteri...

CAS 642-15-9 Antimycin A1

Antimycin A1
(CAS: 642-15-9)

The most hydrophobic of the four analogues of the antimycin A complex; exhibits potent antifungal, anthelmintic, insecticidal, antiviral and antitumor activity ...

Chemical Structure

CAS 88979-61-7 Bafilomycin C1

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