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1. Fluorodensitometric Determination of Baclofen
Lale Ersoy. ANALYST, DECEMBEK 1990, VOL. I15
In order to establish the plasma concentration for the determination of baclofen, known amounts of baclofen were added to the plasma and studied as described under Recovery of Baclofen From Plasma. A linear correlation was obtained over a plasma concentration range of 0.2-1.0 pg ml-1. As no purification procedure was to be employed, an excess of the reagent solution was used for reaction with those substances in the plasma with a similar structure to that of baclofen. The chromatogram of an unspiked plasma sample showed that there was no spot at the RF value of he derivative NBD-B. The assay was linear over the plasma concentration range 0.2-1.0 pg ml-1.
2. A multichannel neural probe with embedded microfluidic channels for simultaneous in vivo neural recording and drug delivery
Hyunjoo J. Lee, Yoojin Son, Il-Joo Cho*. Lab Chip,2015, 15,1590–1597
The functionality of the fabricated neural probe with drug delivery capability was evaluated by inducing absence seizure through direct drug injection in mice in vivo. Two sets of in vivo experiments were conducted: ip injection of baclofen through the abdomen and direct injection of baclofen at the thalamus using the fabricated neural probe for direct comparison. The changes in neural signals before and after the drug injection in both experiments were observed using the fabricated neural probe with eight microelectrodes.
3. Are gamma amino acids promising tools of crystal engineering? – Multicomponent crystals of baclofen
Nikoletta B. Báthori*, Ornella E. Y. Kilinkissa. CrystEngComm.,2015, 17,8264–8272
The previously described six baclofen crystal structures contain seven different conformations of baclofen. All structures crystallized in achiral space groups with the exception of (BAC+)(MA-) which is a structure that was solved with the S enantiomer; therefore, the torsion angles were measured on the S enantiomers in all crystal structures. In the case of molecular salts, the carboxylate oxygen atoms are indistinguishable; therefore for the measurement of τ1, the smaller torsion angle was recorded. In addition, the tilt of the aromatic ring (τ4) was described by the smaller torsion angle.
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