Azidamfenicol - CAS 13838-08-9
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Category: Metabolites
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Synthetic | Chloramphenicol Analogue Set
A semi-synthetic chloramphenicol in which the nitro moiety is replaced with a methylsulphone and the dichloroacetamide is replaced with azidoacetamide; a broad spectrum antibiotic with good activity against gram negative and anaerobic bacteria; acts by binding to the 23S sub-unit of the 50S ribosome, inhibiting protein synthesis. Azidamfenicol has received little research attention with only a few literature citations.
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>99% by HPLC
White solid
Azidoamphenicol, Leukomycin N
Soluble in ethanol, methanol, DMF or DMSO. Poor water solubility.
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CAS 13838-08-9 Azidamfenicol

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