Azatadine dimaleate - CAS 3978-86-7
Catalog number: 3978-86-7
Category: Inhibitor
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Histamine Receptor
Azatadine is an histamine and cholinergic inhibitor with IC50 of 6.5 nM and 10 nM, respectively.
SCH10649; SCH 10649; SCH-10649
Canonical SMILES:
1.Effect of transdermal azatadine on reducing histamine-induced wheal area.
Dietz AJ;Carlson JD;Beck CL Ann Allergy. 1986 Jul;57(1):38-41.
The effects of two strengths of azatadine maleate transdermal drug delivery system (TDDS) on histamine-induced wheal area were compared to standard oral doses of azatadine and placebo in 20 healthy male subjects. The two TDDSs and oral azatadine were equally effective compared with placebo (P = .0001) in reducing histamine-induced wheal area.
2.Azatadine maleate/pseudoephedrine sulfate repetabs versus placebo in the treatment of severe perennial allergic rhinitis.
Zubizaretta J J Int Med Res. 1980;8(6):395-9.
Sixty patients took part in a randomized double-blind comparison of azatadine/pseudoephedrine versus placebo for the treatment of severe perennial allergic rhinitis. After 2 weeks of therapy subjective patient appraisal as well as objective physician evaluation showed the active drug combination to have a beneficial effect (72% good to excellent improvement versus 40% for placebo) in reducing the signs and symptoms of this allergic disorder. No adverse reactions were reported.
3.Bioavailability of d-pseudoephedrine and azatadine from a repeat action tablet formulation.
Lin C;Lim J;Symchowicz S J Int Med Res. 1982;10(2):122-5.
The objective of this study was to compare in man the bioavailability of d-pseudoephedrine and azatadine from a repeat action tablet formulation and from conventional tablets. The repeat action tablet, containing 1 mg of azatadine maleate in the coat, and 60 mg of d-pseudoephedrine sulfate in both the coat and the core, was given at 0 hour. A conventional tablet of 60 mg of d-pseudoephedrine sulfate was given at 0 and 4 hours and a conventional tablet of 1 mg of azatadine maleate was given at 0 hour. The plasma levels of d-pseudoephedrine were measured by gas-liquid chromatography and the amount of azatadine in the urine was determined by a mass fragmentographic procedure. The results showed that there were no statistically significant differences in the measured bioavailability parameters (area under plasma concentrations-time curve, maximum plasma concentration and time to reach maximum plasma concentration) for pseudoephedrine from repeat action tablets and conventional d-pseudoephedrine sulfate tablets; neither was there any statistically significant difference in the cumulative urinary excretion of azatadine from the repeat action tablets and conventional azatadine maleate tablets (p less than 0.
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Chemical Structure

CAS 3978-86-7 Azatadine dimaleate

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