Ansamitocin P3 - CAS 66547-09-9
Category: Metabolites
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Ansamitocin P-3, a sort of maytansinoid, could be obtained from culture broths of certain Gram-positive bacteria and has been found to exhibit antitumor effect.
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White powder
Maytansine, 3-de(2-(acetylmethylamino)propionyloxy)-3-hydroxy-, butyrate (ester); Maytansine, o(sup 3)-de(2-(acetylmethylamino)-1-oxopropyl)-o(sup 3)-(1-oxobutyl)- (9ci); Maytansinol butyrate
Deep frozen (-15 °C to - 20 °C)
Melting Point:
139 °C-143 °C
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Chemical Structure

CAS 66547-09-9 Ansamitocin P3

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