(+)-Anabasine hydrochloride - CAS 53912-89-3
Category: Inhibitor
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(+)-Anabasine hydrochloride is a nicotine alkaloid present in tobacco products. It is a high affinity neuronal nicotinic ACh receptor partial agonist with Ki values of 0.058, 0.26 and 7.2 μM for rat α7, rat α4β2 and fish skeletal muscle nAChRs respectively. It also stimulates Ca2+-dependent catecholamine release from rat adrenomedullary cells in vitro. It is used as an indicator of smoking or tobacco use.
≥99% by HPLC
(S)-(+)-3-(2-Piperidinyl)pyridine hydrochloride
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Chemical Structure

CAS 53912-89-3 (+)-Anabasine hydrochloride

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