Amoxicillin sodium salt - CAS 34642-77-8
Category: Metabolites
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An extended spectrum beta-lactam antibiotic; similar in structure to ampicillin
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White or almost white crystalline powder
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CAS 92636-39-0 Cefminox sodium heptahydrate

Cefminox sodium heptahydrate
(CAS: 92636-39-0)

Cefminox sodium heptahydrate is a salt form of Cefminox, which is a second generation cephalosporin antibiotic.

CAS 68373-14-8 Sulbactam sodium

Sulbactam sodium
(CAS: 68373-14-8)

A semi-synthetic penem antibiotic formed by the oxidation of penicillanic acid; a weak antibiotic; a synergist with cephalosporins and penicillins against gram ...

3-Ethoxy-5,6-dihydro-spinosyn J
(CAS: 187166-40-1)

The major component in the second generation spinosyn family of bio-insecticides marketed as spinetoram; a semi-synthetic compound prepared by selective ethylat...

CAS 191114-48-4 Telithromycin

(CAS: 191114-48-4)

Represents the first member of the current generation of erythromycin descendants, belonging to the ketolide class; acid stabile; has good activity against eryt...

Erythromycin A oxime
(CAS: 111321-02-9)

A semi-synthetic analogue of erythromycin; pivotal in the development of the ring expanded aza-erythromycins (e.g. Azithromycin) and the oxime ethers (e.g. Roxi...

CAS 76455-48-6 A23187, 4-Bromo

A23187, 4-Bromo
(CAS: 76455-48-6)

4-Bromo-calcimycin, a halogenated analog of A-2318, is a non-Fluorescent Ca2+ ionophore which could be commonly used in fluorescent probes experiments as a modu...

CAS 16803-75-1 Bromamphenicol

(CAS: 16803-75-1)

A semi-synthetic chloramphenicol analogue in which the dichloroacetamide is replaced with dibromoacetamide; possesses weak antibiotic activity

Dihydrospinosyn A aglycone
(CAS: 727695-12-7)

An acid degradation product produced by hydrolysis of both saccharide groups of 3-ethoxy-5,6-dihydrospinosyn J, the major component of the commercial insecticid...

CAS 751-97-3 Rolitetracycline

(CAS: 751-97-3)

The first of the semi-synthetic tetracyclines; a pro-drug of tetracycline; has broad spectrum gram positive activity in vivo

CAS 18695-01-7 alpha-Apooxytetracycline

(CAS: 18695-01-7)

A degradation product of oxytetracycline, formed under acidic conditions. An initial dehydration to anhydrooxytetracycline then undergoes an internal cyclisatio...

CAS 530-43-8 Chloramphenicol palmitate

Chloramphenicol palmitate
(CAS: 530-43-8)

Prepared by acylation of chloramphenicol with palmitic acid; a more hydrophobic drug which should enhance bioavailability; the primary advantage of the ester is...

Eprinomectin B1a
(CAS: 133305-88-1)

A semi-synthetic 4”-epimethylamino analogue of avermectin B1b prepared by oxidation of the 4”-hydroxy moiety and reductive amination; members of the avermectin/...

3-Ethoxy-5,6-dihydro-spinosyn J 17-pseud

An acid degradation product produced by selective hydrolysis of the more labile forosamine saccharide in the 17-position of 3-ethoxy-5,6-dihydrospinosyn J, the ...

CAS 220620-09-7 Tigecycline

(CAS: 220620-09-7)

A semi-synthetic tetracycline; prepared by the introduction of a tert-butylaminoacetamido group into a previously unexplored and un-substituted region of existi...

CAS 1110-80-1 Pipacycline

(CAS: 1110-80-1)

A semi-synthetic tetracycline formed by a mannich condensation of formaldehyde and 4-hydroxyethylpiperazine with tetracyclin; used commercially as a salt in com...

CAS 27164-46-1 Cefazolin sodium

Cefazolin sodium
(CAS: 27164-46-1)

A first generation cephalosporin antibiotic; sparingly soluble in aqueous solution (0.47 mg/ml)

Milbemycin A4 oxime
(CAS: 93074-04-5)

A semi-synthetic macrocyclic lactone prepared by the oxidation and oximation of a mixture of milbemycin A4; the major component (~70%) in the commercial product...

epi-Ivermectin B1a

A base-catalysed intermediate in the decomposition of ivermectin; formed by epimerisation at the 2-position which ultimately rearranges irreversibly to the isom...

CAS 220119-17-5 Selamectin

(CAS: 220119-17-5)

A semi-synthetic avermectin derivative prepared by selective hydrolysis and oximation of doramectin; a potent nematocide used for the treatment of endo- and exo...

CAS 101312-92-9 Valnemulin

(CAS: 101312-92-9)

A semi-synthetic pleuromutilin; prepared by sequential reaction of pleuromutilin tosylate with 2-amino-1,1-dimethylethylthiol, coupling the free amine with a pr...

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CAS 34642-77-8 Amoxicillin sodium salt

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