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Potassium Channel
AmmTX3 is a peptide that can be isolated from the venom of Androctonus mauretanicus and belongs scorpion toxin of the α-KTX15 subfamily. It is a specific potassium 4 (Kv4) channel blocker and could reduce the A-type potassium current in mouse cerebellar granule neurons through this channel. It has specific high-affinity blockade for Kv4.2 and Kv4.3 channels of mice because of expression of dipeptidyl peptidase-like proteins (DPP) DPP6 and DPP10. It also has a small blocking effect on hERG channels without alteration of the gating kinetics.
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CAS 343630-41-1 NS 3623

NS 3623
(CAS: 343630-41-1)

NS 3623 is a KV11.1 (hERG) and KV4.3 channel activator. It can activate the IKr and Ito currents and display antiarrhythmic activity.

CAS 261717-22-0 HMR 1098

HMR 1098
(CAS: 261717-22-0)

HMR 1098 is a KATP channel antagonist inactivating the ATP-sensitive potassium channels (KATP) responsible for potassium efflux. HMR 1098 is an inhibitor of Kir...

CAS 489402-47-3 ML213

(CAS: 489402-47-3)

ML213 is a selective activator of KCNQ2 (Kv7.2) and KCNQ4 (Kv7.4) with > 80-fold selectivity against other related K+ channels, and enhances Kv7.2 and Kv7.4 cha...

CAS 364-98-7 Diazoxide

(CAS: 364-98-7)

Diazoxide is a benzothiadiazine derivative which acts as a potassium channel activator.

Kv1.3 Channel blocker 42

Kv1.3 Channel blocker 42 is a selective potassium channel blocker of Kv1.3 current (IC50 < 50 nM). Kv1.3 channel blocker is promisingly used for the treatment o...


BDS I is a reversible Kv3.4 potassium channel blocker (IC50 = 47 nM) and Nav1.7 channel agonist. BDS I potentiates TTX-sensitive sodium currents in rat small do...

CAS 10045-45-1 1-EBIO

(CAS: 10045-45-1)

1-EBIO is an activator of epithelial KCa channels, and it stimulates a large and sustained trans-epithelial Cl- secretory response across T84 monolayers. 1-EBIO...

CAS 309-29-5 Doxapram

(CAS: 309-29-5)

Doxapram is a respiratory stimulant. Administered intravenously, doxapram stimulates an increase in tidal volume, and respiratory rate. Doxapram stimulates chem...

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