Amikacin hydrate - CAS 37517-28-5
Category: Metabolites
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
585.60 (anhydrous basis)
source\Analogue Sets:
Broad spectrum aminoglycoside antibiotic derived from its counterpart kanamycin A."
White powder
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CAS 83905-01-5 Azithromycin

(CAS: 83905-01-5)

A semi-synthetic, ring-expanded erythromycin, produced by a beckmann rearrangement of erythromycin oxime and reduction to the imine ether, followed by reductive...

CAS 37517-28-5 Amikacin hydrate

Amikacin hydrate
(CAS: 37517-28-5)

Broad spectrum aminoglycoside antibiotic derived from its counterpart kanamycin A."


An irreversible base degradation product of doramectin found in animal treated with doramectin and in the environment; an anthelmintic in animal health

CAS 70161-11-4 Ivermectin B1a

Ivermectin B1a
(CAS: 70161-11-4)

The major component (>80%) of the commercial anthelmintic, ivermectin; exert their anthelmintic effects by binding to glutamate-gated chloride channels expresse...

CAS 26116-56-3 Erythromycylamine

(CAS: 26116-56-3)

A semi-synthetic analogue of erythromycin prepared by reduction of erythromycin oxime; a potent antibiotic

CAS 6885-57-0 Standard Solution Aflatoxin M2

Standard Solution Aflatoxin M2
(CAS: 6885-57-0)

The 0.5 ppm acetonitrile solution of Aflatoxin M2, a carcinogenic compound, could be commonly used as standard solution.

CAS 120138-50-3 Quinupristin mesylate

Quinupristin mesylate
(CAS: 120138-50-3)

A semi-synthetic analogue of virginiamycin B (ostreogrycin B, pristinamycin IA, streptogramin B); formed by a mannich condensation and elimination to generate a...

CAS 16803-75-1 Bromamphenicol

(CAS: 16803-75-1)

A semi-synthetic chloramphenicol analogue in which the dichloroacetamide is replaced with dibromoacetamide; possesses weak antibiotic activity

CAS 18695-01-7 alpha-Apooxytetracycline

(CAS: 18695-01-7)

A degradation product of oxytetracycline, formed under acidic conditions. An initial dehydration to anhydrooxytetracycline then undergoes an internal cyclisatio...

CAS 26538-44-3 alpha-Zearalanol

(CAS: 26538-44-3)

A minor analogue of the zearalenone family of resorcinyl macrocyclic lactones; produced by several species of fusarium; exhibits estrogenic activity in animals;...

3-Ethoxy-spinosyn L 17-pseudoaglycone

An acid degradation product produced by selective hydrolysis of the more labile forosamine saccharide in the 17-position of 3-ethoxy-5,6-dihydrospinosyn J, the ...

CAS 92665-29-7 Cefprozil

(CAS: 92665-29-7)

A second generation cephalosporin antibiotic

CAS 23325-78-2 Cephalexin hydrate

Cephalexin hydrate
(CAS: 23325-78-2)

A first generation cephalosporin antibiotic; slightly soluble in aqueous solution (1.789 mg/ml)

Dihydrospinosyn A aglycone
(CAS: 727695-12-7)

An acid degradation product produced by hydrolysis of both saccharide groups of 3-ethoxy-5,6-dihydrospinosyn J, the major component of the commercial insecticid...

CAS 70209-81-3 Ivermectin B1b

Ivermectin B1b
(CAS: 70209-81-3)

The minor component (<20%) of the commercial anthelmintic, ivermectin; potent insecticide; in vitro, the B1b (25-iso-propyl) analogue is slightly more potent th...

Spinosyn A aglycone
(CAS: 149560-97-4)

An acid degradation product produced by hydrolysis of both saccharide groups on spinosyn; only weakly active as an insecticide as the saccharides are considered...

CAS 117772-70-0 Azithromycin dihydrate

Azithromycin dihydrate
(CAS: 117772-70-0)

A broad spectrum macrolide antibiotic structurally related to erythromycin; sparingly soluble in aqueous solution (0.54 mg/ml)

CAS 7240-38-2 Oxacillin sodium hydrate

Oxacillin sodium hydrate
(CAS: 7240-38-2)

A freely soluble (50 mg/ml) narrow spectrum beta-lactam antibiotic of the penicillin class.

Emamectin B1b

A semi-synthetic 4-epimethylamino analogue of avermectin B1b; prepared by oxidation of the 4-hydroxy moiety and reductive amination

CAS 5490-27-7 Dihydrostreptomycin sulfate

Dihydrostreptomycin sulfate
(CAS: 5490-27-7)

A freely soluble aminoglycoside antibiotic similar in structure to streptomycin

Chemical Structure

CAS 37517-28-5 Amikacin hydrate

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