Actinidic acid - CAS 341971-45-7
Catalog number: 341971-45-7
Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
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Actinidic acid isolated from the leaves of Eucalyptus maideni. It possesses the highest inhibitory activity on PL, with an IC(50) of 14.95 microM.
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(2alpha,3beta,4alpha)-2,3,23-Trihydroxyursa-12,20(30)-dien-28-oic acid
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1.Actinidic acid, a new triterpene phytoalexin from unripe kiwi fruit.
Lahlou EH;Hirai N;Kamo T;Tsuda M;Ohigashi H Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 2001 Feb;65(2):480-3.
Seven phytoalexins (1-7), including a new compound, were isolated from the peel of unripe kiwi fruit (Actinidia deliciosa cv. Golden King) that had been wounded and inoculated with Colletotrichum musae. The new phytoalexin (1) was identified as 2alpha,3beta,23-trihydroxy-12,20(30)-ursadien-28-oic acid, and named actinidic acid. Phytoalexins 2-6 are known triterpenes but have not previously been described as phytoalexins. Phytoalexin 7 is the same triterpene as the phytoalexin of nectarine fruit.
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CAS 341971-45-7 Actinidic acid

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