Acetylisocupressic acid - CAS 52992-82-2
Catalog number: 52992-82-2
Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
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Chemical Family:
Acetylisocupressic acid isolated from the barks of Araucaria cunninghami.
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(13E)-15-Acetoxy-8(17),13-labdadiene-19-oic acid;(1S,8aα)-Decahydro-1,4aβ-dimethyl-6-methylene-5β-[(E)-3-methyl-5-(acetyloxy)-3-pentenyl]naphthalene-1β-carboxylic acid;
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Isocoronarin D
(CAS: 138965-88-5)

Isocoronarin D is a natural diterpenoid found in the rhizomes of Hedychium coronarium, it shows the highest Hb F induction effect of 1.6-fold at 20 microM.

(CAS: 196399-16-3)

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CAS 322471-42-1 2α,7β,13α-Triacetoxy-5α-cinnamoyloxy-9β-hydroxy-2(3→20)abeotaxa-4(20),11-dien-10-one

(CAS: 322471-42-1)

2α,7β,13α-Triacetoxy-5α-cinnamoyloxy-9β-hydroxy-2(3→20)abeotaxa-4(20),11-dien-10-one is extracted from the herbs of Taxus yunnanensis.

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Sculponeatin N can be isolated from the herbs of Rabdosia amethystoides.

CAS 142203-64-3 Taxumairol B

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Daturabietatriene isolated from the heartwoods of Pinus yunnanensis.

Chemical Structure

CAS 52992-82-2 Acetylisocupressic acid

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