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CAS 84313-38-2 Fluorescein phalloidin

Fluorescein phalloidin
(CAS: 84313-38-2)

Fluorescein phalloidin is a stain for quantifying the amount of F-actin in cells.

CAS 1049720-51-5 DAN-1 EE hydrochloride

DAN-1 EE hydrochloride
(CAS: 1049720-51-5)

DAN-1 EE is a cell-permeable fluorescent indicator for nitric oxide (NO). DAN-1 EE is hydrolyzed by cellular esterases to the less cell-permeable DAN-1 thus pre...

CAS 71418-45-6 Monobromotrimethylammoniobimane bromide

Monobromotrimethylammoniobimane bromide
(CAS: 71418-45-6)

Monobromotrimethylammoniobimane bromide is a thiol-reactive fluorescent probe.

11-Azidoundecanoic acid

11-Azidoundecanoic acid is an alkyne-reactive probe for labeling biomolecules using click chemistry.

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