A2B receptor antagonist 1 - CAS 531506-36-2
Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
Adenosine Receptor
A potent antagonist of A2B adenosine receptor
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1H-Purine-2,6-dione, 3,9-dihydro-8-[1-(phenylmethyl)-1H-pyrazol-4-yl]-1,3-dipropyl-
Store in a cool and dry place (or refer to the Certificate of Analysis).
Boiling Point:
657.8±65.0 ℃ at 760 Torr
1.32±0.1 g/cm3
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CAS 124431-80-7 CGS 21680 Hydrochloride

CGS 21680 Hydrochloride
(CAS: 124431-80-7)

CGS 21680 Hcl is an adenosine A2 receptor agonist with IC50 of 22 nM, exhibits 140-fold over A1 receptor.

(CAS: 851087-60-0)

ASP-5854 is an adenosine A1 and A2A receptor antagonist receptor. It has therapeutic potential for the treatment of Parkinson's disease to ameliorate motor defi...

CAS 96392-15-3 PD-117519

(CAS: 96392-15-3)

PD-117519 is a N6-substituted adenosine receptor agonist. It shows oral antihypertensive activity in pharmacological animal models. It is used as a potential an...

Neladenoson dalanate
(CAS: 1239309-58-0)

Neladenoson dalanate is a potent adenosine A1 receptor agonist originated by Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals. It is applicated for the treatment of Chronic hea...

CAS 28822-58-4 IBMX

(CAS: 28822-58-4)

Non-specific inhibitor of cAMP and cGMP phosphodiesterases. The increase in cAMP level as a result of phosphodiesterase inhibition by IBMX activates PKA leading...

SCH 58261
(CAS: 160098-96-4)

Potent, highly irreversible selective A2A antagonist

CAS 142344-87-4 GP531

(CAS: 142344-87-4)

GP531 is a novel riboside with similar structural and anti-ischemic properties to the adenosine-regulating agent (ARA) acadesine.

CAS 1246018-36-9 ST4206

(CAS: 1246018-36-9)

ST4206 is a potent adenosine A2A antagonist. ST4206 showed neuroprotective effects against rotenone induced alterations instriatal slice preparations,supporting...

CAS 155271-17-3 KF21213

(CAS: 155271-17-3)

KF21213 is a highly selective ligand for mapping CNS adenosine A2A receptors. The Ki values of KF21213 were 3.0 nM for the adenosine A2A receptors and >10,000 n...

(CAS: 531506-64-6)

CVT5440 is a selective, high affinity A(2B) adenosine receptor antagonist. It may has the potential treatment of asthma and has good selectivity.

CAS 890087-21-5 LUF 6000

LUF 6000
(CAS: 890087-21-5)

LUF6000 is an allosteric modulator of the human A3 adenosine receptor (AR). It was found to be an allosteric enhancer of Emax. It exerted an Emax-enhancing effe...

CAS 377727-26-9 Sch412348

(CAS: 377727-26-9)

412348 is an adenosine A2A receptor antagonist with anti-Parkinsonian activity in both rodent andprimate animal models. Because of its high affinity for the ade...

CAS 58-55-9 Theophylline

(CAS: 58-55-9)

Theophylline is a methylated xanthine derivative; that functions as a nonselective PDE4 inhibitor and nonselective adenosine receptor antagonist.

CAS 544417-40-5 Capadenoson

(CAS: 544417-40-5)

Capadenoson is a potent and selective adenosine A1 receptor agonist, which is a powerful protective mechanism in cerebral.

CAS 377727-87-2 Preladenant

(CAS: 377727-87-2)

Preladenant is a potent as Adenosine A2 receptor antagonists.

CAS 95523-13-0 N-[(4-Aminophenyl)methyl]adenosine

(CAS: 95523-13-0)

N-[(4-Aminophenyl)methyl]adenosine is a adenosine receptor inhibitor with Ki value of 29 nM for Rat ecto-5′-Nucleotidase.

CAS 124555-18-6 GR 79236

GR 79236
(CAS: 124555-18-6)

GR 79236, an effective Adenosine A1 receptor agonist, could probably be used as an anti-inflammatory agent. IC50: 3.1 nM(Ki).

CAS 1202402-40-1 CPI-444

(CAS: 1202402-40-1)

CPI-444 is a potent, orally available, selective antagonist of the adenosine A2A receptor that has been well tolerated in Ph 1/1b studies in non-oncology indica...

CAS 442908-10-3 Vipadenant

(CAS: 442908-10-3)

Adenosine A2 receptor antagonists; Immunosuppressants

CAS 870070-55-6 Tozadenant

(CAS: 870070-55-6)

An orally administered, potent and selective inhibitor of the adenosine 2a (A2a) receptor

Chemical Structure

CAS 531506-36-2 A2B receptor antagonist 1

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