5,10,15-tris(4-carboxyphenyl)corrole - CAS 1311099-96-3
Molecular Formula:
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Ion Indicators and Sensors
Store at -20°C
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CAS 73630-08-7 BAPTA tetrapotassium Salt

BAPTA tetrapotassium Salt
(CAS: 73630-08-7)

BAPTA tetrapotassium salt is a water-soluble, cell membrane-impermeant metal chelator that is relatively selective for Ca2+ ions.

5,5'-Dibromo BAPTA tetracesium salt

5,5'-Dibromo BAPTA tetracesium salt is a membrane-impermeable form of BAPTA, which is a calcium indicator suitable for measurement of relatively high level of c...

CAS 132299-21-9 Mag-indo-1 tetrapotassium salt

Mag-indo-1 tetrapotassium salt
(CAS: 132299-21-9)

Mag-indo-1 tetrapotassium salt is a cell-impermeable fluorescent magnesium indicator.

CAS 50909-86-9 Coelenterazine H

Coelenterazine H
(CAS: 50909-86-9)

Coelenterazine H is a derivative of Coelenterazine, a luciferin that serves as a substrate for luciferases or as a constituent of photoproteins, including aequo...

CAS 125367-34-2 BAPTA tetramethyl ester

BAPTA tetramethyl ester
(CAS: 125367-34-2)

BAPTA tetramethyl ester is a lipophilic diester form of BAPTA used for inhibition of proteolytic activities of certain metalloproteinases.

CAS 299172-10-4 5'-Fluoro-5-formyl-BAPTA tetramethyl ester

5'-Fluoro-5-formyl-BAPTA tetramethyl est
(CAS: 299172-10-4)

5'-Fluoro-5-formyl-BAPTA tetramethyl ester is a building block to ion indicators.


FG 488 BAPTA-2 AM is a cell-permeant indicator used for measurement of intracellular calcium and investigation of calcium signaling.

CAS 70217-82-2 Coelenterazine 400a

Coelenterazine 400a
(CAS: 70217-82-2)

Coelenterazine 400a is a derivative of coelenterazine that produces chemiluminescence displayed by the Aequorin protein in the presence of Ca2+. It is used in B...

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