4,5-Dihydroblumenol A - CAS 155418-97-6
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4,5-Dihydroblumenol A isolated from the herbs of Rosa multiflora Thunb.
> 95%
(4S,5R)-4-Hydroxy-4-[(1E,3R)-3-hydroxy-1-buten-1-yl]-3,3,5-trimet hylcyclohexanone
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1.Taraxerol 4-Methoxybenzoate, an in vitro Inhibitor of Photosynthesis Isolated from Pavonia multiflora A. St-Hil. (Malvaceae).
Lopes LG;Tavares GL;Thomaz LD;Sabino JR;Borges KB;Vieira PC;Veiga TA;Borges Wde S Chem Biodivers. 2016 Mar;13(3):284-92. doi: 10.1002/cbdv.201500049.
A phytochemical study of Pavonia multiflora A. St-Hil. (Malvaceae) led to the isolation through chromatographic techniques of 10 secondary metabolites: vanillic acid (1), ferulic acid (2), p-hydroxybenzoic acid (3), p-coumaric acid (4), loliolide (5), vomifoliol (6), 4,5-dihydroblumenol A (7), 3-oxo-α-ionol (9), blumenol C (10), and taraxerol 4-methoxybenzoate (8), the latter being a novel metabolite. Their structures were identified by (1) H- and (13) C-NMR, using one- and two-dimensional techniques, and X-ray crystallography. In this work, we report the effect of compounds 5 and 8 on several photosynthetic activities in an attempt to search for new compounds as potential herbicide agents that affect photosynthesis. Both compounds inhibited the electron flow from H2 O to methyl viologen; therefore, they act as Hill reaction inhibitors. Using polarographic techniques and studies of the fluorescence of chlorophyll a, the interaction sites of these compounds were located at photosystem II.
2.[Sesquiterpenes from Artabotrys hongkongensis].
Wu SL;Liu YP;Chen GY;Han CR;Song XP;Zhong X;Fu YH Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi. 2017 Aug;42(16):3146-3151. doi: 10.19540/j.cnki.cjcmm.2017.0124.
The chemical consituents from Artabotrys hongkongensis were separated and purified by column chromatographies with silica gel, Sephadex LH-20, ODS and RP-HPLC. The structures of the isolated compounds were identified on the basis of physicochemical properties and spectroscopic analysis, as well as comparisons with the data reported in the literature. As a result, 16 sesquiterpenes were isolated and elucidated as blumenol A (1), 4, 5-dihydroblumenol A (2), (6R, 9S)-3-oxo-a-ionol (3), 3-hydroxy-β-ionone (4), dehydrovomifoliol (5), (3R, 6R, 7E) -3-hydroxy-4, 7-megastigmadien-9-one (6), sarmentol F (7), 10-oxo-isodauc-3-en-15-oic acid (8), fukinone (9), petasitolone (10), β-eudesmol (11), trans-3β-(1-hydroxy-1-methylethyl)- 8aβ-methyl-5-methylenedecalin-2-one (12), 10-hydroxyaristolan-9-one (13), aristol-8-en-1-one (14), aristolan-9-en-1-one (15), and aristolan-1, 9-diene (16). This is the first study on the chemical consituents of A. hongkongensis, and all compounds were isolated from the genus Artabotrys for the first time.
3.[Chemical constituents from stems of Brucea mollis and their cytotoxic activity].
Chen H;Bai J;Fang ZF;Ma SG;Yu SS;Chen XG Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi. 2013 Jul;38(14):2321-4.
Ten compounds were isolated from the stems of Brucea mollis by various chromatographic techniques such as column chromatography on silica gel and Sephadex LH-20, and preparative HPLC, and their structures were elucidated as deacetylated isobrucein B (1), indaquassin X (2), cleomiscosin A (3), cleomiscosin B (4), (+)-lyoniresinol (5), (+)-epipinoresinol(6), (+)-pinoresinol (7), (+)-syringaresinol (8), 4,5-dihydroblumenol A (9) and adenosine (10) on the basis of spectroscopic data analysiS. All compounds were obtained from this plant for the first time, moreover, compound 1 was a new natural product. Compound 2 showed significant cytotoxic activities against the human cell lines HT-29, HepG2, BGC-823 and SKOV3 with IC50 values of 0.84-3.97 micromol x L(-1).
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Chemical Structure

CAS 155418-97-6 4,5-Dihydroblumenol A

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