3'-N-Desmethyl-3'-N-tosyl Azithromycin - CAS 612069-31-5
Category: Metabolites
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An impurity found in the macrolide antibiotic, azithromycin
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An antimicrobial peptide (AMP) expressed in human sweat glands and is part of the human bodys innate immune defense

CAS 20350-15-6 Brefeldin A

Brefeldin A
(CAS: 20350-15-6)

A potent inhibitor of cell growth; a potent active in a broad range of bioassays; has antiviral, antibiotic, antifungal, antitumour and herbicidal activity


An unusual bis-spiro metabolite originally isolated from corynascus setosus

CAS 137234-62-9 Voriconazole

(CAS: 137234-62-9)

An antifungal azole drug used in the treatment of a broad spectrum of yeasts and molds; active against all candida species and many aspergillus species

Polymyxin B3 sulfate

An individual fraction found in the antibiotic mixture polymyxin B sulfate; differentiated from its counterpart fractions by the presence of a 3-hydroxy-6-methy...

CAS 29745-04-8 Norcantharidin

(CAS: 29745-04-8)

An antitumor drug; a modified version of the natural product antitumor drug cantharidin; reduces its urinary system toxicity but not its antitumor efficacy afte...

CAS 1916-59-2 Questiomycin A

Questiomycin A
(CAS: 1916-59-2)

A phenoxazine produced by several streptomyces species and some fungi and bacteria; weakly active against bacteria, fungi, plants and tumour cell lines; inhibit...

CAS 26934-87-2 Standard Solution HT-2 Toxin

Standard Solution HT-2 Toxin
(CAS: 26934-87-2)

The 100 ppm acetonitrile solution of HT2 toxin, a kind of trichothecene group mycotoxin, could be used as standard solution.

CAS 3131-03-1 Virginiamycin B

Virginiamycin B
(CAS: 3131-03-1)

A depsipeptide antibiotic co-produced with ostreogrycin A, together used as a synergistic mixture; also known as ostreogrycin B and streptogramin B among other ...

LL Z1640-2
(CAS: 66018-38-0)

A cis-enone resorcylic acid lactone; an irreversible and highly selective TAK 1 inhibitor; a MAPKKK involved in the p38 signalling cascade for pro-inflammation ...

CAS 6804-07-5 Carbadox

(CAS: 6804-07-5)

A broad spectrum antibiotic commonly used as a in-feed additive for swine production to improve feed efficiency and to prevent dysentery and swine enteritis; in...

CAS 142561-96-4 Zaragozic acid A

Zaragozic acid A
(CAS: 142561-96-4)

The major metabolite of a class of unusual bicyclic tricarboxylic acids; produced by a number of fungi in the genera curvularia, exserohilum, setosphaeria and o...

CAS 127-79-7 Sulfamerazine

(CAS: 127-79-7)

A bacteriostatic sulfonamide antibiotic

CAS 17924-92-4 Standard Solution Zearalenone

Standard Solution Zearalenone
(CAS: 17924-92-4)

The 100 ppm acetonitrile solution of Zearalenone, a kind of natural estrogen, could be used as standard solution.

CAS 25683-07-2 Pyoluteorin

(CAS: 25683-07-2)

A small chlorinated pyrrol produced by several species of pseudomonas; exhibits a broad bioprofile, demonstrating antibiotic, antifungal and herbicidal activity

CAS 536-33-4 Ethionamide

(CAS: 536-33-4)

A sparinlgy soluble (0.839 mg/ml) thioamide anti-mycobacteriumantibiotic

CAS 19408-46-9 Kasugamycin hydrochloride

Kasugamycin hydrochloride
(CAS: 19408-46-9)

A broad spectrum antifungal used against yeast and pathogenic fungi such as M. Grisea

CAS 2135-17-3 Flumethasone

(CAS: 2135-17-3)

A topical corticosteroid of the glucocorticoid class used in the treatment of skin disorders where it reduces inflammation

CAS 116229-36-8 Bactenecin

(CAS: 116229-36-8)

A cyclic, 12 amino acid antimicrobial peptide (AMP) with antibacterial activity against gram-negative and some gram-positive bacteria

CAS 1404-93-9 Vancomycin hydrochloride

Vancomycin hydrochloride
(CAS: 1404-93-9)

The salt of a glycopeptide antibiotic isolated from amycolatopsis orientalis; exhibits potent activity against gram positive bacteria; highly effective against ...

Chemical Structure

CAS 612069-31-5 3'-N-Desmethyl-3'-N-tosyl Azithromycin

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